NFL Week One reactions: Buy or Sell


Cooper O'Kelly, Lead Sports Editor

The Rams are Super Bowl contenders.

I’m all in on this one. Two NFL hypotheticals as old as time were joined together this offseason as everyone questioning, “Imagine if Matthew Stafford were on a better team” and “Imagine how explosive Sean McVay’s offense would be with a fully competent quarterback” will have to look no further. Immediately after the Rams united the two offensive masterminds, opinions and takes started flying around about them being title favorites. After winning 34-14 over the Bears on Sunday night, they took the first step towards proving all those people right. Stafford and McVay combined to pick apart the Chicago secondary. Couple that with the team’s hard-hitting and tenacious defense, and the Rams look dangerous.


Panic time for Bills and Packers.

Absolutely not, I’d sell this take immediately. I get it, losing to the Steelers after being up 10-0 at halftime isn’t great. Getting blown out by the Saints 38-3, even worse. Both these teams, however, were seen all offseason as title favorites and there’s good reason for that. Josh Allen of the Bills and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers both help quarterback what are known as two of the most explosive offenses in the league, and everyone has off days. It’s way easier for me to attribute one combined touchdown between the two teams to overall dismal play for one game, rather than an overall lack in talent and execution. Thus, it’s only going to be natural for bounce-back games to follow. Last year Buffalo put up a whopping 29.9 points a game, and surely they’ll be able to get more on that track as they host the Dolphins in Week 2. The reigning league MVP can do better than two interceptions and only 133 yards of total offense, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Rodgers and the Packers will tear apart the Lions on Monday Night.


Mac Jones is the best rookie QB. 

This is a take that’s been floating around lately, and it’s way too early to say anything like this. Saying Mac Jones was the best rookie quarterback of Week One only, now that’s something more acceptable. To give a super official, final answer I’d say time will tell which one will be the best. However, Jones did certainly hold his own in his first start. 281 passing yards and a touchdown is certainly a solid stat-line, but what really set the Patriots QB apart was his pocket presence and release time. He was able to get the ball out and to his receivers quickly, even while facing the highest pressure he’s ever felt in his football career. It was, dare I say, very Tom Brady-esque? But he wasn’t the only rookie QB to make his debut. Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence made starts for their respective teams, the Jets and Jaguars. Throughout their games Wilson did a good job of extending plays with his legs, and Lawrence demonstrated the accuracy and decisiveness he’s been praised for. The two biggest names missing from the conversation both got in games but didn’t stay for long, even if they should’ve. Trey Lance and Justin Fields came out and ran a couple of play sets for their teams, but showed signs of success. It’s too early to tell which quarterback will end up being the best, but week one they all reminded us of their bright futures.