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The struggles of migrants: Moria camp burned during pandemic

Grace Lee, Contributing Writer

September 25, 2020

The Moria camp, located in Lesbos and one of the largest immigrant camps in Europe, was burned to the ground on Tuesday, Sept. 9. All that was left were the skeletons of small houses and the remains of tents and materials the migr...

NASA gearing up for next summer’s Mars Rover Launch

Suorojit Mazumder, Contributing Writer

November 25, 2019

NASA plans to launch its Mars 2020 rover next July, with a potential landing at the Jezero Crater scheduled for February 2021. In an effort to get the public excited about the mission, the space agency is giving people the cha...

The August SAT Controversy

Suzie Sun, Contributing Writer/Graphic Designer

October 17, 2018

International students across thousands of SAT test centers in the United States flipped through their SAT exam booklets with a sense of recognition on August 25.  Many of those students reported that the August SAT test in...

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