Fremd’s fashion fervor launches into Prom season


Photo courtesy of Adam Konderak

Zuzanna Konderak, Contributing Writer

Fremd High School kicked off its prom season with its annual Prom Fashion Show last Friday, April 14. All students had the opportunity to watch the show during the second half of their lunch periods in the auditorium. The show lasted around 20 minutes and was split into seven different scenes, showcasing different groups of students who worked hard all semester to create their dresses. 

The dresses, which were all varying styles and colors, exemplified the taste of each student. Students from scenes three to five designed and fitted their own dresses, while students in scenes one and two modeled dresses by David’s Bridal. In addition to dresses, applications for tuxedo models were sent out mid-March for all who wanted to be a part of the show, even if they weren’t fashion students. 

In preparation for the show, students had a semester’s worth of planning to do. Assistant director Kathyrn Johnson explains the process behind designing the show. 

The students enrolled in Fashion Construction 1, Fashion Construction 2, and Independent Study fashion classes start working on their dresses at the start of the spring semester,” Johnson said. “They each select their own pattern, fabrics, and embellishments with the assistance of Mrs. Young, the design pathway teacher.”

Before the actual showcase, the fashion students collaborated with the tech crew to design their scenes. Kathryn Johnson clarifies when and how this occurs. 

“Once the dresses are completed (the dresses are finished prior to spring break), the real work begins. During the month of April the students work in teams to create their scene (selecting music and choreographing what they want it to look like),” Johnson said. 

In the background of the show stood the set for Fremd’s upcoming musical, Footloose. With the addition of this year’s theme, “Masquerade Ball,” the set created an opportunity for innovation among Fremd fashion students. Almost all scenes utilized the set for an interesting backdrop. 

On the day of the show, the fashion students geared up for their final performance. Emotions ran high as they reflected back to the semester and recalled their favorite moments. This closing performance would be the chance to showcase all of their hard work. 

Sophomore Daniella Desario is an active participant in her Fashion Construction class. When it comes to her favorite part of the performance, Desario credited her group mates. 

“I love the people and the students and everything,” Desario said. 

This annual performance was the end result of the hard work and dedication among Fremd’s fashion students. It marks the start of the 2023 Prom season and the beginning of a long farewell to all those graduating this year.