KSI finishes Logan Paul off in riveting rematch

Ryan Zheng, Staff Writer

After an anticlimactic finish to their last fight, YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul decided to square off once again to end the rivalry. Last weekend, in the bustling city of Los Angeles, the two took to the ring and fought hard. After a grueling two hours, British YouTuber KSI took the belt home, along with a crowd of supporters chanting him on.

The KSI and Logan Paul rivalry sprung up last year amid a flurry of online taunts and open challenges, in which KSI and Logan Paul took to the next level. They spent months arranging a match and spent many more training for it. Before their first match, they had a series of press conferences in which they both expressed deep dislike for the opponent. But these words had no effect on the real matter of the night: the fight. On the night of the fight, in Manchester, England, both contestants fired up and dueled aggressively. Despite both their best efforts, the outcome was a draw, and KSI and Logan Paul were sent home without a trophy. 

After a few months of rest, the stars were eager to start again. They called each other and began to arrange a second match. This time the fight was staged in Los Angeles, where he would have a distinct home advantage. Like their first match up, prior to the fight, they had a series of press conferences. In the press conferences, KSI and Paul took light jabs and made personal remarks at the opponent.

On the night of the fight, over 10,000 people showed up at the live venue, and over 1 million were streaming. These numbers resulted from combined efforts of both stars, who each had around 20 million subscribers each near the time of the fight. This popularity, along with a few advertisements on the internet, brought in this large number of viewers. 

The first few rounds had both men working out the other’s strategy, with little to no big blows. The two boxers took light jabs and bounced around the ring, scouting the other with no intention to strike with full force. According to judges, KSI had won the first three rounds in a tight contest 10-9, each round. Later in the fight, KSI had worn out and Paul won round four, 10 – 8. The last two rounds were even tighter than the first three, with KSI and Paul splitting both of them. They each were now jabbing quickly and taking big swings in the hopes of landing a knockout. After the fight, the judges convened for a short while, and brought the two men into the center of the ring and declared KSI the winner.

KSI then went on to console Paul after his loss. KSI stated that their bout was over and he would not be boxing again, but then recommended that Paul take on another opponent, wrestler CM Punk.

Although the KSI and Logan Paul era has ended, fans of other YouTubers can still look forward to other upcoming matches. The worlds of boxing and YouTube have meshed together, sparking a newfound interest for fans of both realms.