Girls volleyball dominates Deerfield in commanding victory


Graphic by Suzie Sun

Lucy Riskus, Contributing Writer

As soon as the first serve went over the net at the Oct. 23 game against Deerfield, the girls on the Fremd varsity volleyball team were ready to play and win. In previous games, the girls took the first few minutes of the game to warm up, but in this game, they wasted no time and scored several points immediately, gaining an early lead. The team’s incredibly strong defense throughout the first set, as well as their solid blocks, shut out Deerfield’s offense to win the first set with ease.

Despite Deerfield’s attempts at breaking through with constant attacks and strong serves, Fremd’s defense held strong. Blocks from the girls in the front row shut down most attacks and several digs from senior libero Maddie Aichinger kept Fremd in the lead.

Freshman middle blocker Claudia Wala comments on the team’s vigor throughout the game.

“Our biggest strength was our energy. Even when we were down, we never doubted if we were going to win or not,” Wala said. “We kept pushing and always made sure to cheer whenever we got a point. We focused on staying relaxed and just playing instead of thinking too much. Our fans and friends that came to support us really helped as well.”

After Fremd won the first set by a large margin, Deerfield was desperate to stay in the game, trading their offense for defense. However, the Fremd girls picked up on this and switched their own focus to attacking the other side of the court. Deerfield tried to block out the team, but to no avail. The girls’ offense broke through Deerfield’s defense easily, winning the game in two straight sets. Several spikes from senior outside hitter Heidi Sayre kept the girls ahead of Deerfield in the second set.

Wala explains her viewpoint on the team’s playing now and in the future.

“Our consistent defense and serving is really important in the game,” Wala said. “And it’s something we should definitely try to improve as the season progresses.”

Fremd’s current record is 31-7 and the team is currently competing in sectionals.