Fremd Orchesis perform exciting final show of the season


Emma Hawley, Contributing Writer

On Thursday and Friday, Jan. 26-27, the Fremd Orchesis team performed their final shows of the season. The team worked on the two shows for months, ensuring the shows were an exciting conclusion to the season. In the performance, the dancers showed their skills and creativity in various dance styles and music selections. By choreographing their own dances, the dancers got to sculpt their show the way they wanted to for their final performance of the season

Each show was around 90 minutes long and consisted of about twenty different dances. Each dance had its own theme, song, set of dancers, and costumes. Popular songs by Billie Eillish, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Ava Max were performed. However, there was a range of music, with lesser known songs that were slower and more emotional, along with fast-paced dance music. This range of music also impacted the range of dance styles. There was a fast-paced, hip-hop dance to the song “Edamame” by bbno$ and Rich Brian and a slower, contemporary dance to the song “Control” by Zoe Wees. Other featured styles included tap, jazz, and lyrical. 

Something that made each dance unique and new was the range of costumes. There was quite the arrangement of outfits, from sparkly gold dresses to business attires. There were also various dresses, streetwear, dance clothes, and the team’s signature outfit with a black jacket and shiny gold shorts. The costumes fit into the themes of the songs they were worn with, making the dances much more lively and entertaining. 

 A special feature of Fremd’s Orchesis team is that the dancers themselves get to choreograph their own dances. The girls would choreograph each routine and pick their costumes and music. This allowed the dancers to design and make their shows how they wanted to while showing off their creativity and talent.

This performance also left meaningful impressions on the members of the team. Freshman Gabi Zaremba, who joined the orchesis team this year, remarked on the performances and team. 

 “We got to choose what we wanted to express on that stage in front of the whole crowd; I’ll forever be grateful to be able to perform that,” Zaremba said.

For most of the show, only a few girls would perform at a time. However, there were a few songs where the whole team danced together. The entire team performed both the opener and closer, as well as a dance to a mash-up of a few different songs near the show’s beginning. The smaller groups of dancers did a great job of showcasing the individual talent of the dancers. For example, when a contemporary dance by Hannah O’Keefe and Daphne Lathrop was performed, the audience got to see the skill of the two performers. However, the three songs with the whole team performing were also excellent, as the team showed off their synchronization and dancing with a large group of people.

For seniors Ashley Corey, Mila Brandson, Mariah Goluch, and Katie Koufis, this was their last show with the Fremd Orchesis team. The group of seniors had their own special senior dance to the song “Ribs” by Lorde, in which they performed. The senior dance was right before the closing of the show. In addition, Bonnie Lindholm School of the Dance, Dance For Me Performing Arts Center Dance Company, and Fremd’s Dance Cub also performed throughout the two shows to a few songs.