Netflix’s “Wednesday” is well worth the hype

Emma Hawley, Contributing Writer

Wednesday, Netflix’s newest hit show, has seen immense success in the few weeks it has been out, breaking records and drawing in millions of views from households worldwide. The show has just claimed the number three spot on Netflix’s most-watched English-language shows of all time after drawing in nearly 341.23 million hours viewed in the first week alone. The Netflix original follows the story of a teenage girl named Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega. Wednesday Addams is an iconic character from the Addams family known for her morbid interests, dark humor, and cunning intelligence. 

After being expelled from her high school, Wednesday begins attending Nevermore Academy, a school of outcasts. With a school filled with monsters such as werewolves, vampires, and gargoyles, Wednesday finally has a place to fit in. However, a series of violent murders caused Wednesday to become obsessed and enveloped in a dark mystery. With a unique set of characters, a suspenseful mystery, and several other positive and negative characteristics, this show is definitely worth the watch. 

One of the best parts of Wednesday was, in fact, Wednesday. Jenna Ortega fit the role of Wednesday Addams perfectly while still adding her own twist. In this show, Wednesday has a dark, deadpan sense of humor that makes the episodes much more entertaining. At first, Wednesday came off as a bit annoying, and she was trying way too hard to be scary and unapproachable. However, she quickly became much more likable as she started to show more of her personality. Throughout the entire series, Wednesday grew as a character while still having the characteristics that make her Wednesday Addams, giving her much more depth. 

As for the other characters, they were a mixture between good and simply ok. Enid, Wednesday’s roommate, was a good addition, as she was so sunny and cheerful in contrast to the dark and stormy cloud that’s Wednesday Addams. However, some of Enid’s comments were awkward and considered cringeworthy. The worst of these moments was when Enid would start talking about the number of followers someone had on Instagram or about some other social media like Snapchat. It just doesn’t fit the story’s vibe and feels out of place. Also, Tyler and Xavier (one a teen from the local town, the other one of Wednesday’s classmates) were bland at first but, over time, became more interesting.  

The mystery itself was mainly unpredictable and suspenseful. The show’s writers set up certain scenes and bits of dialogue to get the viewer to suspect many characters of being the murderer. Every episode ended on a suspenseful note and kept me interested and wanting to watch more. Near the end, I began to suspect the murderer, but another plot twist I did not see coming made the show even more compelling. 

The big scenes and moments in this show also were good. One of these moments was Wednesday’s internet-famous dance at the Rave’N Ball. The dance, created by Jenna Ortega herself, has gone viral on the internet for a good reason. It is very in-character but lets Jenna Ortega add her unique touch to the show. I also loved the episode where Uncle Fester visited Wednesday. It was the funniest episode, and the dynamic between Uncle Fester and Wednesday was unique and interesting. Also, the music helped give suspense and mood to the show. Elegant and dark at times, loud and action-packed at others – the music was another highlight. 

Wednesday is well worth the watch. This show deserves a rating of eight out of ten stars for its suspenseful mystery, witty humor, and remarkable characters. The only downsides were the, at times, cringe dialogue and the occasional predictability of the show. However, the pros far outweigh the cons, and this eight-episode series is worth watching.

I look forward to season two as I cannot wait to see where the series goes, and I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.