Part time jobs: A beneficial idea for high school students

Isabella Chen, Staff Writer

As students start to become teenagers, many start thinking of working a part-time job, whether it’s to earn a bit of money, gain experience, or just for fun. Having a part-time job can have negative consequences on students, like increased stress, but the pros are numerous. 

There are many benefits of getting a part-time job for students. Oftentimes, students may want to work a part-time job that will be connected or similar to your preferred career in the future. By doing this, you will be able to start networking with those that are in your targeted field. Furthermore, you can have some sort of work experience and help enhance your resume.

Fremd Career Advisor Services leader Emily Nelson reflects on the ways students can benefit from having a part-time job.

“Part-time jobs will look great on resumes and can be something you list as one of your activities on college applications,” Nelson said. “A part-time job can also help you build connections in the community that may become beneficial in the future when networking.”

Having a part-time job on your resume or college application can appear beneficial, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you wish to have one. 

Having a part-time job can use up more of your free time while you have to make sure to keep up with possibly rigorous courses and heavy amounts of schoolwork. The time involved with working a part-time job can make it difficult to manage your time properly, especially if you work hours during school nights. 

Juggling so many tasks with such little time can inevitably lead to improving your time management skills to make sure you are still doing everything to the best of your ability while still fitting everything into your schedule. It can also help you determine what your priorities are and allow you to learn how to focus on what is important.

Sophomore Samantha Ye agrees that she has enhanced her time management skills by working part-time at Kumon, a tutoring program.

“I have improved my work ethic because I learned how to deal with extra work outside of schoolwork,” Ye said.

If you are interested in looking into a part-time job, including their benefits, Nelson recommends her Schoology page.

“There is a job bank on my Schoology page that lists over 100 companies that hire high school aged students,” Nelson said. “If anyone ever needs help with their job search, that would be a great place to start.”