From love scandal to a happy ever after


M. H. Noman, Staff Writer

At the beginning of each year, Dispatch, Korean version of TMZ, reveals couples and causes love scandals and many heated drama. And speaking of drama, the stars of the Dispatch 2021 reveal were couples that have sent many K-drama fans hearts a-fluttering. The stars of the Korean drama series Crash Landing On You, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were confirmed to be dating.

Since then, fans got excited and started predicting the couple reveal for 2022, but all predictions were wrong compared to Dispatch’s new stars. On Jan. 3, Dispatch revealed the love story between former T-ara member Soyeon and Suwon midfielder Cho Yu Min. But the excitement doesn’t stop here; both couples announced their marriage shortly after turning their love scandal into a beautiful love story.

However, things were different between the fresh couple. Commenting on their relationship, Dispatch quoted, “They are in the early stages of their relationship. They have good feelings for each other.” And to Dispatch’s suspicions, Soyeon posted on her Instagram a post stating that she and Yu Min want to take the next step in their love story. 

Although sometimes this news might sound good to fans, it can be a demise for the idols themselves. The companies aiding their actors/ actresses and idols sometimes pay Dispatch to keep away from them, but when that fails the companies either force the couples to break or force them to leave the company. 

Soyeon and Cho Yu Min’s situation is different though than most Dispatch reveals. This is the second marriage announcement since 2013 Dispatch revealed K-pop singer, Rain, and actress Tae Hee relationship and both couples married shortly afterwards.

This is great news to kick off 2022 for both couples and their fans. Soyeon gained popularity after a long break from the media and fans are excited to hear about couples who won’t be breaking up but continuing their relationship. Dispatch is aiming to reveal only positive love stories that would benefit both sides. Now, fans are awaiting the answer to the question that strikes their curiosity and sparks tension: who is going to be the next Dispatch star?