TWICE’s sweet new single


M. H. Noman, Staff Writer

The ending of TWICE’s pre-release, “The Feels”, spotlighted the nine girls in sparkly cheer outfits ending up on a poster as they announced their future projects in a creative style. Soon after, JYP and Public Records released TWICE’s 3rd full album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3”. While this album was taking the spotlight, TWICE was baking a new Japanese single just for ONCE.

Just in time for the holiday season, on Dec. 2, the girl group released a stunning music video; “Doughnut.” Although it’s titled after one of the world’s favorite treats, the lyrics of “Doughnut” aren’t really related to food at all.

Starting off, “Doughnut” is a ballad with a creative music video that uses modern technology to make it more interesting. During the music video, the members have a tea party with several types of doughnuts decorating the table, each doughnut represents a lover. The allegory is represented by the lyrics implying that a doughnut-shaped space is reserved for the lover in the girl’s heart. 

“A soft and sweet sensation/ So fluffy/ My heart has a hole in the shape of you/ Just like a doughnut I’ve wandered into a love loop/ No beginning or end/ I love you/ This may sound like a cliche/ but my heart has a hole in the shape of you,” the girls sing in the chorus.

This year, TWICE have released several successful retro pop songs that energizes the listener; however, “Doughnut” has a warm feeling to it, not energetic but smooth. Also, the Japanese lyrics with the retro piano and synths adds calm aesthetic vibes to the song making it more peaceful.  This concept works really well, especially since it’s winter time and the stillness of the frozen air urges us to snuggle with heavy blankets and eat sweets. It was a great decision to create a ballad not a hip-hop style song. “Doughnut” is slower paced and has a magical concept. 

TWICE are known for always presenting something for the holiday seasons and this time around they didn’t disappoint ONCE. “Doughnut” is melancholic, beautiful and a great way to welcome the chilly season.