Adidas launches new line of NHL jerseys

Taylor Tarman, Contributing Writer

The NHL has teamed up with Adidas to release a new line of jerseys for all 31 teams. These jerseys were made by taking each team’s throwback design, and adding a modern touch. With retro and new age stripes, complementary colors, and bold stitching, these jerseys are sure to amaze any hockey fan.

This jersey making process had taken Adidas two years to finalize and release. These classic designs range from seasons starting as early as 1940 (Chicago Blackhawks) to 2004 (Tampa Bay Lightning). Some may wonder how the Las Vegas Golden Knights were able to pull off a retro jersey, while only being in the NHL for four years. Well, the design for the Golden Knights jersey dates back to 1995 when Manon Rheaume played in the NHL. Rheaume was the first woman to play in the NHL, and before making her big debut, she played for the Las Vegas Thunder in the IHL (International Hockey League). The stripes and patterns of the Thunder jerseys are what sparked the inspiration for a similar style in the “retro” Golden Knights jerseys we see today.

These alternate jerseys will be worn by teams throughout the regular season including rivalry games and are available for purchase online. With the holidays seeming to come faster and faster, these Reverse Retro jerseys are sure to bring a smile to any hockey fan in your life.