Students set to perform for this year’s Variety Show

Fremd students are set to showcase their talents at this year’s Variety Show. In the Kolze auditorium, students from all classes will be performing their acts that include but are not limited to comedy, music, and choreography. The show will take place from Thursday, Jan. 23 to Saturday, Jan, 25; audience members can purchase tickets at the Fremd Cashier for five dollars. 

The Variety Show allows students to share a certain talent or ability unique to themselves. V-Show sponsor and English teacher Russell Anderson believes that events like this are great opportunities to learn more about Fremd students. 

“I only teach English, so it would be easy for me to pigeonhole myself into my content: I think it’s important to understand that Fremd is more than just AP tests or a book,” Anderson said. “ I think the show is a great opportunity to see sides of students you typically won’t be able to see.”

Variety Show performers went through an audition process this past December, and the students have rehearsed since then in preparation for this year’s show. Junior Ariette Kaberlein, who is also performing this year, is impressed by how much the show has developed. 

“It’s really amazing to only have a few rehearsals a week and see how everyone’s act is coming together and getting closer to the finished product,” Kaberlein said. “The people in the show are all very supportive and I love seeing other acts get better.”

Behind the scenes, the Tech Crew has worked diligently to precisely execute special effects. Tech Crew director, Michael Karasch, has had to care for his newborn and run the show. Anderson speaks on the increased role students have had this year.

“Tech Crew does a lot backstage; the student tech crew has really stepped up this year to execute the light changes and special effects,” Anderson said.

Sophomore Eric Song explains why his extracurricular activities are the reason he plans on attending this year’s show. 

“As a member of Fremd’s jazz band I often see my peers perform their own improvised solos; I often feel energized to see them perform because it makes me want to take a shot at performing in front of people as well,” Song said. “It’s always nice to see my peers perform and I’m excited to see what happens this year.”