“Mistborn” is a quintessential fantasy novel

Ishaan Raina, Contributing Writer

Although you may not have heard the name Brandon Sanderson, it is a name you should. Sanderson has had huge success writing fantasy books and is renowned for his fantasy stories and his book Mistborn serves as another example of Sanderson’s skill in writing captivating fantasy books. Mistborn shows that yet again that Sanderson is a highly talented author capable of creating wonderful stories that entrance the reader.

Mistborn has a historical setting, but on a planet very different to Earth. In this book there are no forms of advanced technology similar to Earth’s in the Medieval era, but the setting is a continent that holds many mysteries. Our story follows Vin, who is 16 years old and living on the streets. Vin awakens her powers as a Mistborn, those who are mistborn have the ability to use unique powers that are derived from each metal that she eats. 

A variety of characters throughout the story have a variety of abilities granted to them. If they were to consume copper they have the ability to burn it internally and access great strength. Although, only Mistborn have the power to utilize multiple metals for their powers, while most nobles or those with noble blood only have one ability.

Vin later meets Kelsier, another fellow mistborn who has the same abilities as her. Vin doesn’t know what she wants for herself and whether she wants to even use these powers. She decides to take a chance on Kelsier and help him to overthrow the Lord Ruler, an immortal tyrant who reigns supreme over the entire kingdom. Vin and Kelsier embark together on their journey and Vin also uses this time to learn more about these gifts she has. 

The story’s progression is driven by Vin’s desire to learn more about her powers and as a result she follows Kelsier to learn more. Kelsier has the more noble goal to end the Lord Ruler who has dominated his people with an iron fist. 

This book has characters that have all suffered, yet maintain their own sense of morality through it all. Sanderson’s plot is simple yet highlighted the challenges that each character overcame in an interesting way. This novel has high paced action with fight scenes that describe the way the hero’s justice clashes against a tyrant’s overwhelming power. The power within them bend their perceptions of reality and offers them a world that only those who are strong can see.

Mistborn is a great story for readers who want to foray into the fantasy genre while being a great story yet keeping all the fantasy elements that the reader seeks. Once you start reading this book I’m confident that you won’t stop until it’s done.