Fremd prepares to host another Winter Gala


Courtesy to Fremd Student Council Instagram

Kashish Balan, Staff Writer

William Fremd High School’s Student Council is hosting the annual Winter Gala Saturday, Feb 25, from 7–10 pm. The main dance will be in the cafeteria, and a roller skating rink on the side, a new event feature. The theme of this year’s Winter Gala is “Disney.” Additionally, students should dress in formal attire, similar to homecoming.

Junior and Student Council Vice President Trisha Krishnan believes that the Winter Gala can boost school spirit among the Fremd community. 

“Stuco wants to create a fun Disney-themed environment and boost school spirit by getting as many students to attend as possible,” Krishnan said. 

Student Council sponsor Mr. Hopkins explains that Student Council hopes that increasing student involvement at the Winter Gala will also improve overall student motivation during the winter months of the school year.

“Stuco’s goal is to basically increase student engagement and spirit by creating an uplifting environment. We also want to get it on the level of energy as homecoming, especially as a way to energize students during the winter,” Hopkins added.

The Student Council has been encouraging students to participate in the upcoming spirit days through their Instagram page. To reach out to more students, Student Council has created a TikTok account to advertise details for the dance. 

A new DJ has also been brought in for the event, Chris Siegal. Unlike past dances, the Winter Gala will not have an mc host at the dance. However, Siegal will be taking song requests at the dance. A form was also sent out earlier for students to request songs to be played at the dance. In addition, there will be themed backdrops and props for students to take photos.

During the week leading up to the dance, Student Council has arranged spirit days associated with the Disney theme. The Spirit days include Sleeping Beauty Day, Monsters University Day, Tweedledee and Tweedledum Day, and Lilo & Stitch Day. For Sleeping Beauty Day, students can dress in their favorite PJs. For Monsters University, students can wear college apparel. For Tweedledee and Tweedledum Day, students can match with their friends. And for Lilo & Stitch Day, they can wear Hawaiian shirts. Both students and staff are being encouraged to participate in spirit days to boost school spirit.

Pre-sale tickets are being sold via MySchoolBucks and the cashier’s office thru Thursday, Feb 23. The cashier’s office sale ends at noon, while the MySchoolBucks sale concludes at 11:59 pm. Tickets will also be sold at the door the night of the dance for $20 but only to Fremd students. All guests must be approved beforehand, and a signed waiver is needed to roller skate.