Fremd Halloween Fest offers families a return to normalcy


Photo courtesy of Ellen Matthew

Joshua Sutanto, Elle Zeng, and Dwij Bhatt

Every year, the clubs at William Fremd High School host a Halloween Fest in order to bring together the community and demonstrate the activities they do at Fremd High school. Though COVID-19 created a speed bump within the Halloween celebration plans, the clubs still managed to come together to create this experience for the local community.

Each table at the fest, sponsored by a club, activity, or sport, incorporated their group’s theme into their tables. Science club organized experiments, the lacrosse club implemented their sports, and the Green Team spread messages about the environment. All in all, there were 25 different clubs who set up a stand, each bringing a unique activity available for the local community to enjoy. There were about 2500 kids who attended the fest, with 400 Fremd students volunteering to help run this event. 

According to Jillian Harvey, a Student Council member, the outcome of the event was better than expected. 

“This is particularly impressive considering that the event was only an hour long and that it was the first time hosting the Halloween Fest outside, ” Harvey noted.

“I’m impressed. I can see all the effort put in to entertain kids this time. So I can really see that the community is really connected with the school, with what the school does, and with what students can do for the community,” said Ellen Mathew, a parent at Halloween fest. 

The whole fest was organized by Student Council as a form of celebration to kick off the holiday season. Despite the COVID-19 related restrictions, Halloween Fest was a success in the eyes of the organizers.

Fremd student Ishaan Srivastava talked about how the fest allowed the opportunity for the community to come together. 

“I liked how people from all different clubs and different groups are coming together to, you know, create this wonderful community event. “