Fremd Homecoming: The Unifying Dance

Dylan Bago, Contributing Writer

This year, Homecoming was the first large Fremd event, having been organized by the Fremd Student Council. Over 75% of the student body attended Homecoming. This year, Homecoming was themed “There’s No Place Like HOMEcoming” and took place Saturday, Oct. 2. 

Like usual years, students needed to purchase a ticket, either before Homecoming or at the school doors. But this year, students first entered through Door 2 of Fremd, and proceeded down the hallway lined with a red carpet, eventually going back outside to the dance venue. Homecoming took place in the parking lot near the tennis courts, which provided a large open area, rather than the gym. Since the parking lot had a lot of space to offer, students were able to dance freely, while listening to the DJ play his songs.

Student Council sponsor Matthew Hopkins offers insight on the planning of this year’s Homecoming.

“Seeing all that hard work get put together on the night of the dance and seeing all the students enjoy Homecoming was super rewarding,” Hopkins said. “We had the whole week planned out including school decorum and the ‘Capture the Viking’ event.”  

A pep assembly also preceded Homecoming, taking place at the end of the school day on Oct.1. The Viking Marching Band, Orchesis, Winter Guard, Dance Team, and Cheer Team all performed on the football field where the assembly was hosted due to COVID protocol. Fall sports teams and athletes were recognized for their achievements along with Homecoming Court nominees. 

At the assembly, a few Fremd Teachers dressed up as masked singers, in reference to the “The Masked Singer,”. As revealed at the end of their performances of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Call Me Maybe,” English teacher Robin Quinn and Science teacher Vasilij Acic were the masked singers.

Even as these festivities were held and greatly enjoyed, Hopkins acknowledges a few obstacles leading up to Homecoming. 

“Since Homecoming was held outside, we had a lot of issues with the weather,” Hopkins said. “It was a little bit rainy, and that made it challenging to plan the dance.”  

Before the dance, students were notified of the possibility that Homecoming would be rescheduled to the following week due to the rainy weather. However, the student body lucked out, with the rain abating right before the dance. The mostly clear skies signaled that Homecoming was set to proceed on time, as it did.

Homecoming this year was a momentous occasion, being the first homecoming dance in two years, ever since COVID struck. For example, compared to 2019’s Homecoming, which featured a movie night and several food trucks during homecoming week, this year’s homecoming didn’t have a movie night or food trucks due to following COVID protocols. This year’s Homecoming showed that no matter what, the student body will remain united, even in the midst of a global pandemic.