Fremd computers set to get major OS update


Dylan Bago, Contributing Writer

Fremd students may not always be aware of looming technology updates until the notorious Apple logo pops out of nowhere, interrupting their work on their iPads. Other students, still, may be completely unaware of Windows updates taking place because they don’t have computer classes at Fremd. The Windows 11 update, however, is a significant step toward easy multi-tasking and more workspace. 

Windows, as a fluid and sleek operating system (OS), has been a core feature of Fremd computers. Windows 10 (the latest windows operating system) has been used at Fremd since 2015. Fremd is looking to give its computers a new look with Windows 11 after its release date on Oct. 5. 

Most visually noticeable is the improved user interface (UI) that comes with Windows 11. There have been many changes to the UI, including rounded corners on tabs, windows, and various applications. Other features of the OS, including applications, notification center, and more have also been visually reworked. Along with the UI revamp, multi-tasking has been improved, with the new OS allowing users to customize tabs/applications when having multiple open at once. 

Fremd technology coordinator Keith Sorensen says that the Windows 11 update will take some time and effort to come to Fremd.

“You can update iPads yourself, but it’s different with computers,” Sorensen said. “We reimage the computers over the summer and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort because we have lots of computers [at Fremd].” 

While there are several features coming in the Windows 11 update, it will require a lot of work for the computers to adapt to the new OS. The transition to Windows 11 is a major update, taking up a lot of storage, and being a new aspect for the computers to adapt to. Updating time has also been lengthened due to the massive size of the OS, and the task bar is locked to the bottom of the screen. 

Sorensen introduces a problem with the Windows 11 update: a possible incompatibility with older applications that Fremd computers still utilize.

It’ll go through testing because we have some software that’s been around for a while and we have to make sure it’s going to be compatible,” Sorensen said. “If the software is incompatible, we have to look for alternatives.”

Nevertheless, the more compact UI that comes with Windows 11 will provide students with more space to complete tasks, including programming and writing. Students will also have access to new features in coming updates, more processing power, and more efficiency overall. 

Sorensen anticipates Windows 11 testing at Fremd to begin around winter break. which will lead up to a testing period before reimaging in June. 

“We don’t typically update mid-year unless it’s for something like security,” Sorensen said. “But it will be nice to get new features [from Windows 11].”

With a variety of new features coming in the Windows 11 update, students will be able to look forward to a new computer experience next school year.