District 211 Board candidates answer The Logue’s questions


Gabe Classon and Maya Nayak

The local consolidated election will occur on April 6, 2021. Across Cook County, voters will choose officials for their townships, park districts, school districts, library districts, and more. In District 211, the Board seats of Robert LeFevre, Anna Klimkowicz, and Edward Yung are up for reelection. There are eight candidates running for the three seats: incumbent Anna Klimkowicz and challengers Curtis Bradley, Denise Wilson, Robi Vollkommer, Kristen Steel, Jessica Hinkle, Roxanne Wittkamp, and Tim McGowan.

The Viking Logue sent out a questionnaire to all eight candidates. Every candidate was aware of the questionnaire.

Responses by Candidate

Curtis Bradley

Denise Wilson

Robi Vollkommer

Kristen Steel

Jessica Hinkle

Roxanne Wittkamp

Anna Klimkowicz

Tim Mc Gowan

Responses by Topic


Biography: Tell us about yourself. What qualities, experiences, and skills make you a good choice for the Board?

Motivations: Why did you decide to run for the Board of Education? What would be your top priorities if elected?


How can the district support the mental health, physical well-being, and academic achievement of students during the pandemic? How should the district approach reopening?


Student Concerns Over Equity: Over the past year, district students have addressed the Board over racial equity and sexual violence concerns. Please describe how you would approach these issues if elected.

Transgender Student Locker Room Access: After five years of vocal community input from both sides of the issue, the district in January 2020 implemented a policy to allow transgender students unrestricted use of the locker room corresponding to their gender identity. What approach should the district take toward transgender student locker room access?


Property Taxes: Striking the right balance between minimizing the tax burden on district residents and ensuring the future financial security of the district is challenging, especially during these economically uncertain times. What is your stance on abating or rebating a portion of the district’s property tax levy?

Expenditures: In which areas should the district focus its spending? Are there areas where spending should be cut?


Communication with the Community: Recent months have shown increased community interest in Board proceedings. How should the district communicate with the community? How should the community be able to communicate with the district?

Cooperation with Other Board Members: While the vast majority of Board resolutions are passed unanimously, many important votes have come down to a 5–2 split. Additionally, some have raised concerns over the introduction of divisive politics into local elections. Please comment on how you would work with other Board members if elected.


Other Issues: You may feel strongly about an issue for which we did not ask a question. If this is the case, please take the opportunity to share your thoughts on that issue here.

A Positive Note: It’s been a rough year, so let’s end this on a positive note. What is your favorite thing about District 211?

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