Students express views on Writers Week

Jason Jung, Staff Writer

Writers Week is an annual Fremd High School tradition that allows students to showcase their writing, poetry, and music. Throughout the week of February 4th, students, authors, and performers will perform their pieces in the Kolze Auditorium Attending students can expect to hear a variety of pieces from their peers during class periods.

For all its participants, Writers Week is a great opportunity for students to put their best selves on paper and display their creativity.

Junior Varsha Krishnan is presenting a fictional piece about a girl who survives a tragedy and the its bitter aftermath. Audience members can expect to hear her on Monday, February 4th during third period. Krishnan will be presenting for the first time at Writers Week; she expresses her excitement for the opportunity the event brings.

“Writers Week was on my bucket list for high school, and I wasn’t sure that I would get accepted, so I decided to try this year” Krishnan said. “ I rarely share my writing, so I thought this would be the perfect place to do so.”

Writers Week also serves as a platform for students to address problems seen in the United States. It allows performers to speak openly towards their peers and catalyze societal change with their writing.

Junior Valeria Delgado will be sharing her piece that concerns immigration policy in the United States. During fifth period on Feb. 4,  Delgado hopes to change the way her audience views immigration and influence the future grassroots of society.

“My piece is on a couple’s immigration story and some obstacles they come across; the piece highlights this country’s immigration crisis and explains how we can start fixing our problems by openly expressing our opinions” Delgado said. “I hope my piece sticks to some and gets people talking about our immigration system.”

Junior Jessica Xu will be performing her slam poetry about her Asian-American ethnicity and the identity problems she has faced. To Xu, Writer’s Week will help her reach out to audience members who struggle with similar issues and different standards due to heritage and standards of society. On Thursday, Feb. 7 during eighth period, Xu looks to express her struggles in a creative manner.

“I’ve grown up torn between two standards and I’ve never had a clear definition of myself, I want people to know that your heritage only decides who you are physically and that you are in control of yourself” Xu said. “I’m really excited to share my piece because I know there are others with similar issues so I hope my piece reaches out to them to tell them they’re not alone.”  

The week gives performers the privilege of sharing a piece of themselves with their audience; to Junior Keya Patel, writing has allowed her to develop into her best self and Writer’s Week allows her to connect her experiences with her audience. With her poem about the present, audience members can tune into Patel stress the importance of capitalizing the opportunities around them on Tuesday, Feb. 5 during 7th period.  

“I am trying to express the importance of not letting the present go to waste; all we can expect for our lives to be depends on what we do with it and how we choose to live it” Patel said. “I want to get people to really think about what’s going on, whether that be in the world or in our community; I think any writer wants to connect with their audience and make them feel something, whether it be joy and pain or laughter or understanding.”