NMIXX: JYP’s unsuccessful creation


M. H. Noman, Staff Writer

To JYP Entertainment Company, the ingredients to create a smash hit K-pop debut requires good-looking members, a music video visually appealing to the naked eye, an enigmatic world view on the members life, and a major fan base. JYP Agency is home to many popular girl groups from the legends Wonder Girls and Miss A, to TWICE and ITZY.

To welcome 2022, JYP Entertainment began sending out sneak peeks of their new girl group, NMIXX. After capturing a wide range of curiosity, NMIXX debuted on Feb. 22 with a head-spinning music video for their title track “O.O”.  

While the seven girls’ exponential talent and high-budget music video attracted attention, the music and lyrics were bewildering. “O.O” has frequently changing beats and tones, along with confusing verses. “Baby, you are ma superhero/ Try before it’s too late/ And finally we’ll win/ Watch out baila/ Watch it/ how nice”

“O.O” has a disjointed nature since the song tries to push for an edgy, creative, provocative image. However, the song is difficult to follow, understand, or even vibe to since it lacks basic musical structure. It’s hard to focus on the song when multiple beats are being played as if multiple songs were merged into one. “O.O”, with a little more explanation, can be described as a concept rather than a tune. 

NMIXX, though, did follow the magic formula necessary to become the next big star. The seven girls have amazing visuals and vocals that will help them with future opportunities; however, “O.O” stole the spotlight by its ambiguous lyrics and how the overall message of the song is still unknown. 

Although “O.O” made many K-pop fans go against JYP for producing a bizarre song, the creativity presented in the music video for “O.O” sparks curious imagery. The depiction of the enormous galleon in the sky and sea creatures in the air lays the ground for NMIXX’s mysterious concept since this is just their beginning.   

“O.O” is not necessarily a bad song for a group’s debut. With so many new K-pop groups debuting every month, it’s hard to be creative and especially hard to be memorable. Maybe, JYP wants NMIXX to be different and wants their debut to be remembered as strange.

“O.O” may not have met people’s expectations for a JYP debut song, but NMIXX still has a chance to flip the public response regarding them. If they come back with a catchy, meaningful song, they will definitely be competing with their senior girl group, ITZY. 

The good thing about “O.O” not fitting the K-pop criteria, is that it reminded listeners that music stands above everything else. Music isn’t about how beautiful visuals can get or how performance-heavy the group needs to be. Music is to connect with the world through beats and lyrics. To form a bond with millions of people requires being vulnerable and active through the lyrics and not the visuals. If NMIXX does that, then it will be difficult to forget them.