Machine learning coming to Fremd


Courtesy to Adam Konderak

Zuzanna Konderak, Contributing Writer

Over the last several years, machine learning and artificial intelligence have become increasingly more popular. Every day, people are coming up with new ways to use ML and AI while simultaneously creating future products. As a result, several opportunities to participate in this new wave of technology have found their way into society. 

At William Fremd High School, such an opportunity has emerged. Beginning in mid-February, students will be able to learn about AI and ML every Wednesday morning.

According to junior Aditya Gupta, one of the project’s leaders, the club provides first hand experiences in this ever expanding branch of technology. 

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence represent the future. By creating a Machine Learning Club at Fremd, we not only hope to provide kids a look into the technology that awaits them not just in the future but also now,” Gupta said.

Participants of this club not only learn about what artificial intelligence and machine learning is, but also have the chance to experiment with it. From the basics to the nitty-gritty details, the club provides all the necessary tools for students to use AI and ML independently. 

While the club only supplies the fundamentals, it provides a gateway into future creations and inspires innovation. The club leaders encourage students to utilize these tools outside the classroom for their own creative purposes. 

“In this club, we are trying our best to provide students with a complete framework for building, testing, analyzing, and interpreting their own machine learning models. We start our lessons from barebone essentials and build up from there, hopefully providing students with a deep understanding of the tech and programs they are building,” Gupta said. 

The club meets every Wednesday from 7 am to 7:25 am, in room 221. To join the club, students must sign up on Infinite Campus under “Girl Who Code,” while the Schoology group code can be found on the Fremd Events Schoology page. 

For more information, students can contact the teacher sponsor, Shannon Denna, or one of the three student leaders, who can be found on the club’s Schoology group.