Looking for some songs to study to? Here are some Fremd-approved reccomendations


Noah Grabianski and Avisha Yerramilli

Studying for finals is often a stressful chore for many students. We’re all familiar with the last weekend before finals week: the late nights, the reading and re-reading, the sleepiness pulling at your eyelids as you try to memorize that one last equation. While we’ll never consider it “fun,” many students find that listening to music can often help to alleviate the nagging headache studying can be. Using a survey filled out by 160 Fremd students, we’ve put together a list of some songs that we recommend for studying.

Ambient/Electronic-  One way to make your next study session a little less stressful is with some calming and upbeat music playing in the background. In a survey about what kind of genre of music students at Fremd like to listen to while studying, 25% chose ambient and electronic music. Our recommendation from this genre is Alberto Balsalm – Aphex Twin

Indie- It’s not a surprise that Indie is one of the most popular genres that Fremd students listen to while studying. 31.3% of students reported listening to Indie while studying and some recommendations we have for you are Echoes – Tennis, Time (You and I) – Khruangbin, Obsession – The Cairos, Red Eyes – The War On Drugs, and Campus- Vampire Weekend.

Rap- Our survey showed that 30% of students enjoy having rap or hip-hop in the background while cramming. While there are multiple subgenres of rap, many find comfort in songs with beats that are easy to get lost in. While many people gave suggestions from Kanye West, we suggest I Wonder – Kanye West.

Classical- 31.9% enjoy listening to classical music, here’s a link to three and half hours of peaceful melodies from our favorite classical artists. The Best of Classical Music 🎻 Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi 🎹 Most Famous Classic Pieces

Pop- Around 11.2% reported listening to pop in the background and our recommendations for this genre are In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins, Ribs – Lorde, Fine Line – Harry Styles

Lo-Fi- Tied for our fifth most popular genre, 30% of students listed Lo-Fi as their preferred genre when studying. One great student suggestion is Superhero – Kiefer.

Rock-  Jamming to rock and roll is a great way to study and 20.6% of our students agreed. A good reccomendationwe got is Crawl! – IDLES.

R&B/Soul- Well known for its calming yet engaging beats, R&B music is often a go-to for some students when they need to focus. One good recommendation from a student is Icarus – Fana Hues, and our recommendation is Strawberries and Cigarettes – Troye Sivan.

Instrumental- Sometimes lyrics can be distracting. What better way to stay focused than with some calming instrumental playing in the background? Two great recommendations are Haircuts for men  ダウンタンブルと死にます (Down tumble and die) and Coffin Nails – MF DOOM.

Alternative- Alternative is a distinct middle ground between pop, rock, and indie combined, which some find provides a good environment for studying. Our recommendations for this genre are Sleep Paralysis – Bad Suns and Useless – Omar Apollo.