Fremd hosts first Veterans Day event in two years


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Courtney Billittier

Taylor Tarman, Contributing Writer

Originating from the end of WWI, Armistice Day, currently known as Veterans Day, is a day to represent those who have sacrificed their lives for the protection of our country. During the week of Nov. 8-11, Fremd High School was in preparation for this day and its events leading up to it. During the 2019 Veterans Day, the last in-person Veterans Day celebration before the pandemic hit, Fremd had honored veterans through a school-wide assembly and panel discussion. This year, however, the only option to do so safely, amid a COVID environment, was through a panel. 

In the days leading up to the panel, students were able to view veterans who are a part of the Fremd community, either through staff members or other students. In addition, red, white and blue flags were sprinkled at the front of the school to recognize veterans and remind students of this day in our history. Another way the school recognized veterans was through the charitable act of duct-taping the students’ favorite teachers to a wall. With that, the organizers from Social Studies Club were able to collectively fundraise $2,500 towards the Folds of Honor Foundation: a foundation that provides scholarship opportunities for military personnel and their family members. 

On Veterans Day in the auditorium, each class period had a number of veterans who were asked questions regarding their experiences during military service. Questions consisted of descriptions of their time in service, gratifying experiences, and other wholesome moments of a homecoming. Each veteran brought their own individuality and perspective to the panel, allowing students to further their understanding of the military and the different duties and experiences one can have while in service.

“I always look forward to our Veterans events, but this was especially true this year. I have been greatly missing collective experiences for the school community, and it was so fulfilling to bring back this tradition,” social studies teacher Courtney Billittier said. 

Fremd High School’s representation of veterans allowed an understanding and feeling of gratitude towards these individuals, even under COVID circumstances, and allows for future traditions to be even more efficacious.