The Fremd English Office Remodel

Dylan Bago, Contributing Writer

At Fremd, there are various offices and academic departments all centered around various subjects. It is now the English department’s turn to receive a remodel. The remodel will begin during Thanksgiving break and last 6-10 weeks, from the 24th to the time students return from Winter break, if all goes according to plan.

English teachers have a lot on their plate, with many of their students’ documents and essays taking up a lot of space in cabinets, drawers, and shelves, waiting to be graded. The long list of hand-written essays and projects can be overwhelming for even the most experienced of English teachers. 

With the remodel starting so soon, students will be able to look forward to a new and improved English department come next semester. The remodel will benefit both students and teachers, due to its contents and effects. A lot of the office is being refurbished, meaning that the office will be significantly changed and look different compared to before the remodel.

English teacher Russell Anderson says that many changes including new areas and furniture will be incorporated and added into the English department offices during the remodel.

“We’re getting new desks, cabinets, and shelves, and replacing older furniture with more modern furniture,” Anderson said. “There will also be a workspace where teachers can meet with students.”

The addition of new furniture and removal of old furniture will be a welcome alteration to the office, giving it a new look and modernizing it. The new workspace will help students and teachers arrange meetings, and facilitate easier communication between both sides. The old lighting will be updated to LED lights, improving brightness and light efficiency for teachers. 

As for the current abundance of extension cords scattered on the ground, post-renovation desks will be arranged to minimize extension cords usage, and reduce tripping hazards. This will give teachers their own personal space to work, without having to hook up extension cords all the time.

Come early to the middle of 2022, students and teachers can expect and look forward to a new and revitalized English department experience.