Opening Week in the NBA


Preeth Somanchi, Staff Writer

Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors have been put in a place that very few teams have been in the past, with most of their star players not playing a majority of the past seasons. Although their dynasty days are behind them, Stephen Curry has proven that he can single-handedly carry his team to lengths that many stars struggle to do. So far throughout the season, he has done much of the same. On opening night, Curry posted a triple double to carry his team past LeBron James and the Lakers. This season will be crucial for the Warriors to cement their spot as contenders for years to come. The Warriors have had a surprisingly good start to their season, and with the return of Klay Thompson expected, their season will surely be one to look after.

Milwaukee Bucks
Coming off of a championship season, the Milwaukee Bucks were not expected to get any better than they already were. However, with the addition of notable players such as Grayson Allen the team has astoundingly done so. As for their showing through the first few games, their ability to out-rebound and out-man their opponents has been the leading factor in their 3-1 start. Knocking off top teams such as the Nets truly shows their promise for seasons to come. Bucks fans have something to marvel about, that being Giannis’s newly-developed jumpshot, which will prove to be an important factor in making taking his game to the next level.

Chicago Bulls
Following a terrible string of seasons, the Chicago Bulls have finally put together a competent team. Acquiring veteran guard DeMar DeRozan and blossoming talent Lonzo Ball, paired with All-Star Zach LaVine has proven to be a viable trio when dealing with teams playing a traditional lineup. Although their 4-0 record might seem astounding, they will be put to the real test over the next month where they face multiple championship contenders, showing their true strength

Los Angeles Lakers
Coming into the 2021 season, the Lakers had formed a core of four stars combined with a deep bench. Expectations were set high in the team’s formation due to their talent and experience. Through the first week of the season, the Lakers look disappointing, as their new star point guard Russel Westbrook has failed to gel with the team and show up big when they needed him. Although they had a shaky start, the future is bright for the Lakers and they’re sure to meet expectations and succeed.