TWICE’s new debut lacks creativity

M.H. Noman, Contributing Writer

Having more than ten albums and EPs dropped since their debut, TWICE has consistently released new music, in Korean and Japanese. However, Oct. 1 marks their first debut with a full English single, “The Feels”.  Although “The Feels” is a stepping stone for TWICE in America, it gives nostalgic vibes; from the music video, to the beat, and the message of the song. TWICE’s new release is a recycled product.

TWICE consists of nine members, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Six years ago, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jinyoung announced TWICE as the new girl group for the entertainment company. He explained that TWICE’s name refers to the impact that the nine girls have on the audience: “once through the ears and once through the eyes.” And fair enough, TWICE gained popularity for their graceful voices and pleasant figures giving them the title “The Next Queens” after fellow girl group BLACKPINK. 

TWICE is known for always trying new concepts. For this single they chose Prom as the song’s theme. While the music video is unique and creative, some of the sets and the clothing seem to be repetitive from TWICE’s old songs. 

In the vibrant music video of‘‘The Feels,” the nine girls go back to their 2015- 2016 girl-crush concept in an endearing way. In the music video, TWICE get an invite to prom and they start getting ready for it in a high teen, super glammed-up pink dressing room. The high teen sets in “The Feels” are similar to the music video sets of “Cheer Up”, “Likey”, and “What is Love?” In “Cheer Up”, the nine girls dress up in yet another high school dressing room because they’re preparing for a school dance. In “Likey,”  the girls dress up with high school fashion outfits and sing along with each other about their first date. Also, in the ball gown outfits that were used in “What is Love?” were recycled and reused in “The Feels” music video as pastel prom dresses.

Aside from the music video, the beat of the song is similar to other TWICE songs. “The Feels” is a retro pop song. Now, this isn’t very unique coming from TWICE. In fact, this concept is getting redundant and boring. TWICE first used the retro style concept in their second album, “Eyes Wide Open,” and used it again in their latest EP, “Taste of Love.” At first, it was very unusual of them to incorporate 90’s concept in “Eyes Wide Open” because it was a fresh change for their fans (ONCE) since TWICE were used to regulating “cute” concepts. By the time “Taste of Love” dropped, the retro concept started to get boring. Although the songs were joyful, the repetition of the beats made them sound somewhat similar. That’s why “The Feels” is bringing back memories from the past eras; the beat of the song sounds familiar since it has been heard in the past album and EP.  

Another reason as to why “The Feels” brings ONCE way back is the message the song is advocating. Recently, TWICE released their second full Japanese album, “Perfect World”, and the b-side track, “Kura Kura”, was so similar in its lyrics and message to “The Feels.” The magic and supernatural part in both “Kura Kura” and “The Feels” conveys the idea that “The Feels” is actually a recycled song. Following are the lyrics of both songs where it’s evident that the structure and the message are the same. 

“With unexplained emotions/ My head is filled 24 hours/… a world with just the two of us/… I got absorbed into an eternity/ It’s like magic baby/ Can not predict my trembling heart/ Sweet magic, isn’t it?” (Kura Kura)

“I can feel a real connection/ A supernatural attraction/ I got the feels for you/ You have stolen my heart oh yeah/ Never let it go oh oh” (The Feels)

Overall the music video was interesting to watch, especially at the end of the video, where the girls channel their inner cheerleader spirit in sparkly sporty outfits ending up on a poster as they announce their future projects in a creative style. The poster portrays that TWICE are planning on having a comeback with their third studio album in November since “The Feels” is only a pre-release single. Would TWICE take a chance and try a new approach? If they don’t, then their new album would be a disappointment to listen to since it’ll be the same as other albums.