Four winners from 2021 NBA Free Agency

Preeth Somanchi, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that the 2021 NBA offseason will go down as one of the most eventful offseasons in recent memory. We saw superteams built from the ground up, and two teams go head to head in acquiring a full team of superstars. Here are the four most impactful signings from this past summer.

  1. Paul Millsap

Without a doubt, the Brooklyn Nets have been the championship favorites since they acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Despite being riddled with injuries for the past two seasons, and having an aging core, the Nets have made it clear that they are in win now mode. By trading away a majority of their picks and young talent, they have made space for Paul Millsap who hopes to win his first championship. Millsap knows what it takes to win in the playoffs and has shown that he can turn it up a notch when it matters most. His contributions will prove to be the X factor in any series, and he will serve as a defensive juggernaut that the team lacks.

  1. Carmelo Anthony 

Carmelo Anthony’s illustrious career was seemingly cut short in 2018, following reports that surfaced regarding teams’ lack of interest in him. Since then, he has seen a resurgence on the Blazers. Anthony has since taken a backseat and shown why he is a 10x All-Star and regarded as a top-five scorer of all time. Critics, such as First Take’s Stephen A. Smith, believe that his bench scoring will prove to be an important factor between the Lakers winning and losing games. Anthony hopes to finally fill the championship void in his career, which can cement his legacy forever.

  1. Dwight Howard

Defensive specialist Dwight Howard has proven to be a great pickup for any team, but what sticks out about him signing with the Lakers however, is the role that he can play for them. As of now, the Lakers have a core of players such as LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, who exhibit two-way talent. Although being offensively capable, Howard adds to the Lakers a much- needed paint presence. Howard gives the team a veteran outlook, having been to the finals twice along with other deep playoff runs, which will help him be a strong locker room presence. 

  1. Russell Westbrook

Nine time All-Star. 2017 regular season MVP. 2017 All-Star game MVP. Russell Westbrook has received almost every accolade in the book. However, time and time again, the only knock on his game has been the lack of success his teams have seen. Putting Westbrook on a team with LeBron James can give him the self control to not try and single handedly win games and adapt to more of a team mindset. If Westbrook can control his offensive endeavors, the Lakers have a serious shot at the championship favorite Nets.