Fremd 7 Day Forecast: Week of 5/10/2021


Jon Siemianowski, Aspiring Meteorologist


A gorgeous week is expected for the second full week in May as temperatures rise to near average and sunshine becomes more abundant. After a cloudy, cool, and mostly dry Mother’s Day weekend, we are expecting to continue the dry pattern this week with temperatures climbing and sunshine becoming more prominent, especially during the middle of the week. On Monday, we may start the day with a few showers early on before partly cloudy skies take hold for the rest of the day. For Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly sunny skies will be the norm with temperatures jumping back into the 60s. On Thursday and Friday, a few more clouds will enter the picture paving the way for partly cloudy skies and temperatures entering the upper 60s. Later on Friday, more clouds should enter the area leading to mostly cloudy skies on Saturday with rain later in the day. Rain will likely continue into Sunday as a storm system brings a trailing cold front of showers and a few thunderstorms through Chicagoland.. 


Daily Forecast:

Monday 5/10: A few showers in the morning along with cloudy skies will lead to partly cloudy skies during the afternoon. Periods of increased cloudiness possible during the PM hours. High temperature of 52° with a low temperature of 35°.

Tuesday 5/11: Abundant sunshine likely with a few afternoon clouds here and there. Temperatures will be slowly but surely on a warming trend. High temperature of 54° with a low temperature of 38°.

Wednesday 5/12: Plentiful sunshine expected with a jump in temperatures into the 60s. High temperature of 61° with a low temperature of 40°.

Thursday 5/13: Partly to mostly sunny skies during the first part of the day will lead to an increase in clouds, bringing in mostly cloudy conditions by evening. Temperatures will climb to slightly below average. High temperature of 65° with a low temperature of 44°.

Friday 5/14: A carbon copy of Thursday is expected as partly cloudy skies during the morning hours transition to mostly cloudy conditions later in the day. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s. High temperature of 67° with a low temperature of 51°.

Saturday 5/15: Mostly cloudy conditions early in the day will give way to cloudy skies in the afternoon and eventually some light rain late in the evening into the overnight hours. High temperature of 67° with a low temperature of 52°.

Sunday 5/16: Likely the warmest day of the week as temperatures near 70 degrees. Mainly overcast skies with a few peeks of sun early should lead to showers and perhaps a cluster of thunderstorms passing through later in the day. High temperature of 69° with a low temperature of 55°.


National Weather Headlines:

Much of the western half and northern half of the United States are experiencing at least minor drought conditions. The drought is the worst in the Southwest and northern Plains where extreme to exceptional drought conditions are being reported. Much of these drought conditions are expected to bring long-term effects to much of the country. In the Midwest, many areas have been classified into the moderate drought category, which is expected to have short and long term effects.