Who will bring home the Lombardi?

Who will bring home the Lombardi?

Cooper O'Kelly, Staff Writer

The Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes will take on the San Francisco 49ers and George Kittle in one of the most anticipated American sporting events of 2020 so far. In this game, two high-powered, but very different offenses are pitted up against each other. In this article I’ll be breaking down each team’s top offensive and defensive weapons and how they will contribute to their teams’ potential victory.

Patrick Mahomes-Quarterback, Chiefs

One of, if not the, best quarterbacks in the NFL and reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes has been a dominating force throughout the playoffs and will need to carry his success into the Super Bowl if the Chiefs want to win.

The quarterback position is what most greatly sets apart these two teams: the talent margin between Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo is extremely large. Mahomes can do pretty much anything he wants, whenever he wants on a football field because of his cannon-like arm and ability to extend the play by moving around in the backfield. 

The only negative I can see in the Chiefs’ offense is their lack of a good running game, and considering that Mahomes is their leading rusher during the playoffs, he’ll probably have the team on his back. Nonetheless, I’m predicting Mahomes will have a big game tearing up the 49er secondary with help from his top pass-catchers, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins.

Raheem Mostert-Running back, 49ers

Mostert, the starting running back for the Niners, has had a rollercoaster of a career. Cut by six different teams prior to coming to San Francisco, he worked his way into the starting role in a terrific running offense and is competing to win a Super Bowl.

Mostert is coming off the best game of his career as he propelled the 49ers past the Packers in the NFC championship. The 5’10” back rushed for 220 yards and four touchdowns, accounting for all of his team’s points except for field goals. Despite their lack of a superstar QB, the Niner offense is able to make up for it with their strong rushing game.

Whether it be Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, or Raheem Mostert, the running back core of the Niners have been able to step up in big games with the help of their tremendous offensive line and they should look to do the same during the Super Bowl.

Chris Jones- Defensive tackle, Chiefs

Chris Jones will have to make a tremendous impact in the Super Bowl if he, and the rest of the Chiefs defense, want to stop the 49ers’ run game. However, he might not even step out onto the field.

Going into the AFC championship game against the Titans, Jones was talked about as being an X-Factor player as he came back from injury. He was especially needed in that game because the Chiefs defense had to try and take on the walking beast that is Derrick Henry. Although his snap count was limited, the Chiefs’ top run-stopper still made a big impact and, along with the rest of his team, held Henry to only 69 rushing yards. As of now, Jones still hasn’t completely recovered and is listed as questionable.

I know, I know this whole segment is hypothetical because Jones might not even play. However, Jones’ presence in the game is very instrumental to whether or not the Chiefs have a substantial chance of winning. The Chiefs are going to need all the help they can get from their interior rushers to stop the fierce rushing attack from the Niners and Raheem Mostert.

Nick Bosa- Defensive end, 49ers

While the Chiefs are looking for help from the interior defensive line with Chris Jones to contain the dominating 49ers run game, the 49ers will call on their rookie defensive end phenom, Nick Bosa to try and contain Patrick Mahomes.

Come Feb. 2, Bosa will be busy trying to contain one of the game’s best and most talented quarterbacks. One of the biggest parts of Bosa’s game is being able to break through the offensive line quickly to get sacks and pressure the QB. This skill will especially come in handy when going up against a quick, young player like Mahomes. Bosa should be trying to keep Mahomes in the pocket without giving him time to extend the play.

Slowing  Mahomes’ success with Bosa would be huge for the 49ers. The Chiefs’ offense is so unbalanced that even if the 49ers defense were to slow down Mahomes ever so slightly, it would be detrimental to their chances to win the Super Bowl.

Although the Niners have a great team as well as Nick Bosa and Raheem Mostert, I believe that the Chiefs are going to bring home the Lombardi. Patrick Mahomes’ dominance on the field is just going to be too much for the 49ers to handle and Chris Jones is going to shut down the 49er offense. 


Final score: 27-24, Chiefs.