NFL Week 12 Predictions


Graphic Courtesy of Ingrid Hua

Arjun Srivatsa, Staff Writer

Colts @ Texans: Colts 

The Texans have been struggling to find their rhythm, and Deshaun Watson has not been able to step up and lead this team at all. After taking an embarrassing loss to the Ravens this defense will likely struggle against the Colts too. The Colts are coming in with a strong win over the Jaguars, and their offense has consistently been putting good drives together. Key players like T.Y. Hilton and Jacoby Brissett will dictate this game all the way. Unless the Texans can find their explosive offense, the Colts should secure this win. 

Dolphins @ Browns: Browns

After a loss to the Bills, the Dolphins are honestly better off tanking the rest of their season to secure a higher round draft pick for next year. On the other side, the Browns came up with a big win over the Steelers, 21-7. The Browns are slowly incorporating Kareem Hunt, who was suspended for 10 weeks, into their offense. Jarvis Landry is also stepping up and helping Baker Mayfield create big plays. This “new offense” of the Browns will be tough to stop and their defense, who came up with four interceptions against the Steelers, should be able to shut down the Dolphins offense. 

Lions @ Redskins: Lions

The Redskins, who have one of the worst records in the league, lost to the Jets. This Redskins team has too many injured players and too many inexperienced rookies on their lines and secondary. Their defense will have an incredibly tough time with stopping an offense like the Lions. The Lions, however, did lose to the Cowboys. Detroit, who also has a terrible defense, should still be able to keep the Redskins’ offense at bay. Matthew Stafford and his offense should be able to march the football down the field at ease as the Redskins just doesn’t have a good pass defense to stop the Lions.

Raiders @ Jets: Raiders

The Jets are also another team which have been degraded due to their numerous injuries. However, many of their star players are back such as Sam Darnold. After a confidence-boosting win over the Redskins, 34-17, the Jets will have a bigger challenge in stopping a very explosive offense: Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs. The Raiders somehow came up with a close win over the Bengals, 17-10, and will hope to extend their winning streak. The Jets have one of the worst offenses in the league and due to their numerous injuries, their defense will not be at their top shape to stop the Raiders. The Raiders’ defense is not particularly strong either, but because the Jets have one of the worst offenses in the league, the Raiders should still be able to secure this win. 

Giants @ Bears: Bears

The Bears are having one of the worst seasons in their franchise history. They have no offensive identity and their defense is slowly deteriorating. After another embarrassing loss to the Rams, all hope is lost in the dream of Bears presence in the playoffs. The Giants’ defense is struggling to stop offenses and the Bears have shown that they have no offense. This game will revolve around if the Bears defense can stop the Giants (mainly Saquon Barkley) from outscoring their offense. This is going to be a very close game and considering that this game is being played at Chicago, a tough place to play in the winter, the Bears should have an advantage. 

Panthers @ Saints: Saints

After a crushing loss to the Falcons, 3-29, the Panthers will have to take on one of the best teams in the league. The Panthers are currently being carried by their star running back, Christian McCaffrey. The Saints are coming in with an impressive win over the Buccaneers, 34-17. Their offense, mainly Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara, is simply too good to be stopped by a below average Panthers’ defense. The Saints’ defense will be able to keep McCaffrey on a leash and shut down the Panthers offense.  This game will be dominated by the Saints from the first second to the last second. 

Seahawks @ Eagles: Seahawks

The Eagles are coming in off of a tough loss to the Patriots. The Eagles have a solid offense with many key players like Jordan Howard and Alshon Jeffrey. But they lack a good and consistent defense which can come up with big plays and turnovers. The Seahawks have both a good defense and offense and it is tough to see the Eagles coming up with a win over, arguably, a top five team. 

Buccaneers @ Falcons: Falcons 

The Buccaneers always struggle to put drives together. They have extraordinary talent on their offense like Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, but what brings them down is often their quarterback, Jameis Winton. Their defense is also responsible for letting team easy touchdowns. The Falcons have put together some impressive wins, especially their last victory over the Panthers. If the Falcons were able to stop McCaffrey, then they should be able to stop Winston and his offense. The Bucs will also have a very tough time with stopping Julio Jones and Matt Ryan.

Broncos @ Bills: Bills

The Broncos were in complete control over the Vikings, but some key mistakes allowed the Vikings to come back. The Broncos are a very inconsistent team, and it is tough to tell whether they will play good one week or not. The Bills won against the Dolphins and are looking to dominate against the Broncos in the same manner they did to the Broncos. In the end, the Bills have a stronger defense and offense than the Broncos and this will result in an easy win for the Bills. 

Steelers @ Bengals: Steelers

The Steelers surprisingly lost to the Browns, but they are going against a much easier team this week. The Bengals, the most consistent team in the league, lost their tenth straight game to the Raiders, 10-17. The Bengals are in no shape or form to beat the Steelers. Unless the Steelers decide not to play, they should come out on top.

Jaguars @ Titans: Titans

The Jaguars, led by Gardner Minshew, have come up with big wins but also big losses like their last loss to the Colts, 13-33. Their offense is slowly coming together however it is not going to be good enough to overcome the Titans defense. The Titans offense, mainly Derrick Henry, will simply run all over the Jaguars and there will be nothing the Jags can do. 

Cowboys @ Patriots: Patriots 

This is a big game for both teams. Both teams are coming in with a win in their previous game. The Cowboys came up with a big win over the Lions, 35-27, and the Patriots defense prevailed in their win over the Eagles, 17-10. This game will be decided on which team has a better offense. However, the Patriots defense is one of the best in the league and that was demonstrated in their superb performance against the Eagles. The Pats’ defense will be able to stop Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Micheal Gallup from outscoring Brady, Sony Michel, and Julian Edelman. 

Packers @ 49ers: 49ers

This is going to be another good game, and this game will also be a shootout. The 49ers struggled with the Cardinals but still prevailed, 36-26. Lately, Jimmy Garoppolo is struggling and has made this offense take a couple of steps back. However, they should be able to find their rhythm back before this game and the overrated Packers’ defense will have a tough time handling George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders. The Packers also have Aaron Rodgers supplemented with a strong running game. This game will be a close game, however as this game is in San Francisco and the 49ers have a slightly better defense they should come out with a victory. 

Ravens @ Rams: Ravens

The Ravens have surprised everybody, and Lamar Jackson is nearly impossible to stop. They crushed the Texans, 44-7, and are looking to do the same thing in LA. The Rams, however, a team which has struggled all season due to a regressed Jared Goff and have stopped using Todd Gurley. The Ravens have a stronger offense and defense than the Rams. This game will be dominated solely by the Ravens.