NFL Week 8 predictions


Arjun Srivatsa, Staff Writer

As we head into Week 8 of the NFL season, here are my picks for which team will come out on top in each matchup. 

Bye Week: Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys

Redskins @ Vikings: Vikings 

This will be a blowout game as the Redskins have a poor offense which will struggle against the Vikings’ excellent defense. On top of that, Dalvin Cook will run all over the Redskins’ defensive line.

Seahawks @ Falcons: Seahawks 

The Falcons are in a very bad spot right now as their defense simply cannot come together to stop offenses. They got blown out by the Rams, who are having their share of problems on offense. The Seahawks will march up and down the field and their considerable defense will be able to limit the Falcons offense from scoring too many points.

Chargers @ Bears: Bears 

The Bears are struggling offensively. Trubisky repeatedly misses open throws and the play-calling from Matt Nagy is causing this offense to go nowhere. Fortunately for them, they are going up against the Chargers, who don’t have a good defense. This game, the Bears’ defense will simply shut down the Chargers’ running game and Melvin Gordon just like they did to Cook and the Vikings. I predict that Mitch will have a good game, throwing over 200 yards for two touchdowns.

New York Giants @ Lions: Lions 

The Giants are just a bad team who have lost to the Cardinals who are not good either. It will be very tough for this team to be able to out-compete Kerryon Johnson and Mattew Stafford.  

Jets @ Jaguars: Jaguars 

The Jaguars are slowly piecing their offense together. The Jets have many key defensive players injured, which will allow the Jags offense to put some points on the board. However, the key will be whether or not the Jags defense without Ramsey can stop Darnold and the Jets. Taking into consideration that the Jags are at home and still have a good defense, the Jags should be able to stop the Jets offense from scoring more than their offense. This will be a close game.

Bengals @ Rams: Rams 

There is no good way to put this, but the Bengals are simply the worst team in the league. The Bengals are going up against a Rams offense that destroyed the Falcons and are looking to do the same to the Bengals. 

Buccaneers @ Titans: Titans 

Jameis Winston is an unreliable quarterback. He throws one week for five touchdowns and the next week he throws five interceptions. The Titan’s defense is no worse than the Panthers defense. The Bucs’ defense is also one of the worst defenses in the league, which will allow Derrick Henry, Titans’ running back, to dominate. 

Eagles @ Bills: Eagles 

The Bills have not really played a good team at all except the Patriots. Last week, they almost lost to the Dolphins, so with this team, it could go either way. The Eagles are much more stable that way with talented players like Jordan Howard and Zach Ertz. With these players, the Eagles should be able to defeat the Bills. The Eagles’ defense is also good and will be able to stop them from scoring, giving more time for their offense to work with. 

Broncos @ Colts: Colts

Similar to the Bears, the Broncos can’t put their offense together. Their defense has not lived up to the hype at all. With no weapons, the Broncos cannot stop the Colts from winning. The Colts will be in cruise control for this one.

Panthers @ 49ers: 49ers

Both teams have stellar offenses. The Panthers have running back Christian Mcaffrey, while the 49ers have tight end George Kittle. This game will boil down to who has a better defense, and currently, the 49ers have a better defense than the Panthers. 

Cardinals @ Saints: Saints 

The Saints just came up with a big win over the Bears in Chicago. If the Bears defense couldn’t stop them, then the Cardinals for sure won’t be able to either. Also, the Cardinals don’t have a good offense that can score over the Saints defense. This will be a blowout game.

Raiders @ Texans: Raiders 

The Raiders have a very strong offense filled with talented players like Waller and Jacobs. The Texans have a very weak secondary that will struggle to guard Waller and Jacobs. This will be another offense vs offense game, and in this matchup, the Raiders seem to have a better offense and defense, allowing them to make big stops against the Texan’s offense. 

Packers @ Chiefs: Chiefs 

The Chiefs may be playing without their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but regardless of whether he plays or not it would be the Chiefs offense vs Packers offense. The Packers are playing without their top wide receiver, Davante Adams. This will be a close game, but because the Chiefs have home court advantage they would secure a win. 

Dolphins @ Steelers; Steelers 

Dolphins have no offensive or defensive weapons, and this has led to a winless season. The Steelers are the better team and will be able to get a win over the Dolphins.