The Woodfield Mall incident

Kurowei Indiamaowei, Contributing Writer

Palatine native Javier Garcia was recently arrested following his decision to drive an SUV into Woodfield Mall.

Garcia approached the Sears entrance of the mall, driving straight through the entrance in an SUV. While Garcia continued his path down the mall, many shoppers called 911, alerting authorities of the situation. A rumor circulated that there was a shooting taking place, causing many people to head for the exits. However, this was quickly corrected by a dispatcher who affirmed there was no active shooter. 

Garcia cruised through the mall without killing or severely injuring anybody. However, there were a couple of minor injuries.

Strict precautions were taken immediately. Following the incident, the mall was shut down for the remainder of the night.

The situation was eventually controlled, and authorities arrested Garcia. Following Garcia’s arrest, he was placed in a mental health care center. After keeping him there for a week, Garcia was finally released to the police to review more complicated issues of his case. After authorities deliberated his case, he was charged with terrorism and criminal damage to property. Garcia’s trial date is set for Oct. 18. 

As for Garcia’s family, his sister has voiced that her brother is not “not a terrorist” and that she “knows that person is not her brother.”