English Student of the Month: September


Senior Alejandro Gonzalez-Jimenez has been named English Student of the Month for September!

Alejandro recognizes the importance of being diligent in order to reach his objectives.

“Take action for the things you want in life because no one else is going to do it for you; it’s up to you to put the work in and persevere through all and any adversity,” Alejandro said.

English teacher Christie O’Donnell feels Alejandro’s commitment in class will lead him to success beyond the classroom. 

“Alejandro Gonzalez-Jimenez is a gift to have in the classroom because of his relentless dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, his humble and kind nature and his ability for analytical thought; he will be an incredible English teacher one day as he is already a model student and intern,” O’Donnell said.