Fremd’s new carpets kick off the new school year

Hira Baig

Over the summer, D211 had plans for each school in our District to receive updated areas of carpeting. For Fremd High School, much of the first-floor carpeting, including the English and Science hallways, has changed from the gray with green lines pattern to a white-striped shiny black carpet.  The second floor’s carpeting remained unchanged.

According to Assistant Principal Eric Dolen, the carpets were worn out and getting old. The District had a set amount of money set aside for renovations, which entirely covered the cost of replacing the first-floor carpets. He also explained why we changed the carpet to a new black design.

“The District had a certain type of style picked,” Dolen said. “The style included squares so that if there was damage, the glue under there would never get 100% dried. So if something were to damage a tile, you could just pull it out. It’s more cost-efficient that way.”

Regardless, Fremd student opinion has been about fifty-fifty in regards to the look of the new carpets.

Senior Sofia Oliver feels the appearance of the carpets could be improved and more aesthetically pleasing. The older carpets used to feature green—one of the school’s spirit colors.

“I think they detract from the overall spirit of the school. Before they were matching the colors, but now they’re plain,” Oliver said. “It feels like I’m walking through just any other hallway instead of Fremd’s hallways. If they chose the new carpets just because the design cost was cheaper, the renovation wasn’t worth it.”

Junior Mukta Chanda agrees with Sofia Oliver’s opinion when comparing the two carpets.

“I honestly like the old one better,” Chanda said. “I don’t know how necessary it was to change the design to this new black one. If they had to renovate, they could’ve kept the old design.”

Even though some people question the appearance of the carpets, there are still people who welcome and support the new change. Freshman Madyson Kim prefers the new carpet compared to the one upstairs.

“I like the ones downstairs better because it feels a lot more newer and more modern than the floor upstairs,” Kim shared. “Even just walking on it, it feels as if the downstairs carpets are softer than the ones upstairs.”

She’s not the only one who supported the new carpets. Senior Miguel Mercado thinks that the carpets are a much-needed improvement in Fremd’s environment.

“The new carpets at Fremd are a good improvement in our school’s infrastructure,” Mercado said. “The black color is very modern and appealing, and it gives the school a fresh, clean feel. It was a sound investment.”