‘Bumblebee’ is buzzing its way to success

Angela Ma and Shrishti Verma

Starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, Bumblebee strives to take the audience on a journey of laughter and tears. Through action and thrill, Bumblebee is a particularly memorable movie that focuses on the important aspects of family, friendship, and cooperation.

Set in the 1980’s, Bumblebee focuses on a fascinating friendship between the transformer B-127 and Charlie Watson. One of the most heartbreaking scenes occurs towards the beginning of the film, after a Decepticon destroys B-127’s voice box and memory. Later on, teenager Charlie Watson finds B-127 and nicknames him Bumblebee. From there, a touching story officially begins, featuring the many nerve-racking adventures shared by Charlie and Bumblebee.

After Bumblebee loses his voice, he communicates with Charlie through snippets of music coming from a tape-player Charlie installed. Bumblebee and Charlie form an inseparable bond with each other, and the most significant aspect is how each moment between them marks a new development in character. Bumblebee helps Charlie move on from her father’s death and pursue an adventurous lifestyle, while Charlie is determined to help Bumblebee restore his memory and save the planet from annihilation.

The peaceful and lighthearted nature of the film comes to an end with the arrival of the Decepticons. This also marks a transition from Charlie’s everyday life to more action-packed scenes. Although Bumblebee is still recovering, he must directly confront the government agents, who were initially deceived by the Decepticons. Every time Bumblebee is injured or captured, the audience is left on the verge of tears. An extremely traumatic scene shows Bumblebee’s near-death, and Steinfeld brings out the intense emotions of helplessness and desperation. This moment evokes strong emotions from the audience, as they are able to feel Charlie’s sorrow and grief.

Despite the action and intensity, the latter portion of Bumblebee is in no way an overwhelming mash of violence and death. Throughout the film, a variety of scenes serve as comic-reliefs to keep the movie realistic and amusing. For example, Charlie meets Memo, a quirky and nerdy boy who is actually quite benevolent in nature. Memo joins in on the mission to save Earth with Charlie and Bumblebee, while adding a lot of delight and humor into the scenes. As the film nears its conclusion, Charlie’s audacity in helping Bumblebee defeat the Decepticons is astonishing and heart-lifting.

Bumblebee successfully continues the positive legacy of the former “Transformers” movies. The expertise of the actors enables them to portray dynamic characters with defining personalities. Through various conflicts between the protagonists and antagonists, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats from the very first scene. Overall, Bumblebee delivers the motivating message of pursuing your dreams and proves how family and friends are indispensable in life; ultimately, you can overcome any obstacles and reach for a future that belongs to you.