Podcast picks: Unique storytelling leads the way


Rida Ahmed, Contributing Writer

Most of the stories that we’ve come across in our lives are told in a number of ways, be it a novel, movie or show. As any creator would point out, so much of conveying a story comes from how it’s told-it can quite literally determine the story’s success or failure. There are countless mediums that shape creativity in different manners that most people don’t run into. People associate podcasts with talk shows or radios, but a significantly less amount of people venture into how entire stories can be told with just a couple voices.

The entire process of getting into another form of storytelling requires trial and error. Podcasts are a form of passing time while simultaneously doing other activities like driving to work or going for a run. While many people listen to podcasts, they don’t always realize the depth that’s possible. As someone who has listened to a fair share of podcasts, here are some picks I recommend:


The Bright Sessions

It’s almost inevitable to look at the superheroes with tragic backstories and think somewhere along the lines of “they need help.” The Bright Sessions explores this idea. Told in a series of therapist sessions, a group of characters with atypical capabilities try to fit in, but at the same time, they must learn to deal with their powers. The appointments go as planned, until the therapist is revealed to have ulterior motives in meeting with these patients. Things get more complicated when these patients’ lives begin to intertwine. Overall, The Bright Sessions is a plot driven podcast that incorporates many different perspectives and presents a unique concept.


Unlike in film, there’s no jumpscares accompanying this type of podcast. Focusing on the fear behind many superstitions today, the creator of Lore recounts dark historical tales from myths to unsettling events. The ominous introduction and explanation of events leaves listeners in suspense. Ultimately, Lore strikes an easy balance between reality and fiction, offering an immersive experience in each episode.


Lia Haddock, a reporter, is finally given the opportunity to investigate the truth of an untraceable township that vanished a decade earlier. After exploring the remains of the government-established settlement of Limetown, she begins to come in contact with the last few people directly related to the event. What makes Limetown stand out is the gradual build up to the climax. The lack of visuals allows listeners to form images of their own and shifts their focus towards the raw emotion through an expressive voice. In combination with the different perspectives that aren’t always truthful, these elements make the story more memorable.

Alice isn’t Dead

Refusing to believe their wife, Alice, is dead, a truck driver takes to the road in attempt to retrace her path. As the character’s search unfolds, they reflect on their relationship with Alice. Anomalies are encountered along the way, giving in to the notion that perhaps there might be greater hands at play. Alice isn’t Dead is told in an episodic and  mysterious way, intriguing the audience from the beginning. The calm but unsettling narration creates a lasting impact that listeners can’t forget.