Recognizing Fremd’s best winter athletes


Logue Graphic: Amanda Huang

Tim Moran, Lead Sports Editor

As the weather outside shifts between seasons, winter sports season is wrapping up at Fremd. Though each athlete deserves recognition for the dedication and contributions, there are those that stand out from the rest. Asking every varsity winter sports coach to select one or two players who stood out the most this season, here are the best winter athletes at Fremd High School.

Emily Klaczek, girls basketball

Favorite moment: Beating Rolling Meadows

Still only a sophomore, Emily Klaczek turned heads around the state this year with her play. In fact, she was impressive enough to earn the MSL West Player of the Year honor. Despite the Vikings falling just short in the regional finals this year, Klaczek expresses her appreciation for the her team’s supportive atmosphere.

“In practices, our teammates were always pushing us to be the best we can be, so I think that was a big help,” Klaczek said.

Klaczek, head coach Dave Yates and company now lose a contributing senior class. Thankfully, as noticeable on the court, she has developed leadership skills to utilize the next two seasons. Overall, Klaczek is looking forward to her future with Fremd girls basketball.

“Next year we have a new team coming in so I’m really excited to see how that goes with new players, work hard over the summer and see where it goes,” Klaczek said.

Alex Schillinger, boys swimming and diving

Favorite moment: Defeating Barrington after being projected to lose by 20+ points

Entering final year at Fremd, senior Alex Schillinger was determined to make wavesin the pool, alongside the rest of the boys swimming team. However, it was a tough task for the Vikings, who came off the loss of a huge prior senior class.

But the Vikings had other ideas. Schillinger details his team’s success in the face of such an obstacle.

“This season we’ve made a huge name for ourselves, as far as what we can pull off after such a huge loss [of the previous senior class],” Schillinger said.

That they did, putting on a show at sectionals before advancing many swimmers and divers to the state tournament. Among two relay and one other individual places, Schillinger got a medal for his ninth-place finish in the 100 breastroke at state.

A day before the successful state meet, Schillinger laid out his team’s mentality.

“This is kind of it you know. We’re leaving the last of it in the pool,” Schillinger said. “There’s no point in holding anything back now.”

Needless to say, they didn’t hold back.

Ryan Martin, boys basketball

Favorite moment: Beating Palatine in the team’s first matchup

With his team set to begin the playoffs tonight, Ryan Martin is entering the final weeks of his high school career. Undoubtedly, he’s made the most of it, chipping in for varsity over multiple years and earning an All-MSL West distinction. Martin comments on the reasons for his and his team’s success.

“I think for both the team and my own success, it’s always been trust what coaches and peers are telling you and continue to work hard and believe in each other,” Martin said.

Following whatever’s in store in the 2018 playoffs, Martin will continue his athletics and academics at the University of Chicago on a scholarship. But for now, his focus is on Buffalo Grove. Martin describes the Vikings’ approach going into tonight’s battle with the Bison.

“Our mentality is to be aggressive,” Martin said. “I mean we have to make sure we be aggressive and stay consistent. If we do that the whole game, and play well each quarter and win each quarter, that’s the formula for winning the game.”

Piper Miles, girls bowling

Favorite moment: Playing in, hanging out after an only-varsity tournament

Senior Piper Miles wasn’t always a top-notch bowler. In fact, she started bowling freshman year at the advice of her father, a former bowler himself. A far way off from her hesitant beginnings, Miles has left behind a collection of impressive bowling performances.

This year, she helped lead her team past the regionals and into an impressive fifth-place finish at sectionals, as Fremd narrowly missed the state tournament. As far as the group overall, Miles feels the Vikings embraced a reassuring atmosphere at the lanes.

“As a team, we’re very supportive of each other, so if we come off the lane and we threw a bad shot, we’re just like, ‘Put it out of your mind, just throw your next shot and do good,’” Miles said.

When asked about her love for bowling, Miles cites both interest and personal value.

“I really enjoy bowling because I like doing it in general and it helps me connect with my dad,” Miles said.

Cole Riemer and Adam Kemp, boys wrestling

Cole’s favorite moment: Winning his last high school match at state

Adam’s favorite moment: Defeating a Huntley wrestler who had beaten him multiple times

Continuing Fremd’s tradition of wrestling success, seniors Cole Riemer and Adam Kemp secured fifth-place finishes in their respective weight classes. Riemer attributes wrestling success to facing tough competition.

“Wrestling with the best guys in the state, in the country, is really where that individual success comes in,” Riemer said.

Despite going up against some of those wrestlers in the postseason, Riemer and Kemp were able to sustain those high finishes. Part of that process for Kemp was losing again to a wrestler from Huntley at sectionals, and Kemp declared it a turning point in his season.

“I’d say my turning point was when I lost to the kid at sectionals, because I kind of thought I would have to wrestle him at state again, so I’d have to figure out how to beat him,” Kemp said.

Remarkably, Kemp was accurate in his prediction, and at state he finally came out on top.

Now the Vikings must deal with the loss of Kemp and Riemer, the latter attending the University of Chicago on a wrestling scholarship. However, Riemer is hopeful for the upcoming years of Fremd wrestling.

“The underclassmen are really into it now, so that’s really good for the future of the program,” Riemer said.

Melanie Ng and Abby Moran, girls gymnastics

Melanie’s favorite moment: Dominating the conference tournament

Despite a regional win and a third place sectional finish, girls gymnastics was not selected for an at-large bid for the state tournament. However, seniors Melanie Ng and Abby Moran qualified individually to represent the green and gold at state, following multiple first-place medals in the postseason.

At state, the duo competed well, with Ng finishing ninth and Moran 12th in the balance beam event. Looking ahead, Ng offers a refreshingly honest take on doing gymnastics in college.

“I feel like [I’m] 100 years old, but maybe if there’s a club I can try keeping up my skills,” Ng said.

Regardless of their future, Ng and Moran have left a great legacy on Vikings gymnastics. Ng thinks the team gelled well after being relatively new to each other in 2016.

“We pushed each other, and then this year we got even closer,” Ng said. “So we already knew our strengths and weaknesses…and everyone was just always willing to help.”