Variety Show entertains with lively acts

Photo Courtesy of Emmanuel Sinamban

Kaitlin Wong, A&E Editor

Fremd High School presented the Variety Show, a wide array of acts that demonstrate students’ various talents, in the Kolze Auditorium on Feb. 2-4. Hundreds of students, families and friends were in attendance to enjoy the performances.

The first act of the show opened with an energizing performance by members of Fremd’s drumline and was followed with impressive demonstrations of singing, dancing and rapping. Performers also showcased their skills in guitar, trumpet, ukulele, keytar and piano.

Additionally, the emcees of the Variety Show, Sophia Mavromatis and Shreya Tewari, provided a refreshing comedy break with their playful mocking of various Fremd norms, entitled “3 Minute Burn.”

Several Fremd clubs and activities took the chance to join in and show off their skills as well, including Women’s A Capella, Orchesis and the dance club. Lastly, Fremd’s show choir, Soundscape, closed off the first act with their elegant performance of “My Way/It’s My Life” that flaunted both the singing and dancing of members.

Sophomore Amani Bhagwakar, a member of Soundscape, explains that she enjoyed participating in the Variety Show because she was able to perform for her friends.

“I think performing in general is really fun because you can share your talents with the audience,” Bhagwakar said. “Performing for other shows, in particular for show choir, we perform at competitions but at competitions you’re not performing for anyone you know. For Variety Show, it’s different because you are performing in front of your peers and people you have known for a long time so it was really cool.”

Following the first act, the second act of the show featured a couple of Fremd’s clubs: Men’s A Cappella and Korean Club. Furthermore, phenomenal singing and dancing were present once again. However, in the second act, several new talents were shown, including the playing of instruments like bass and violin. The second act was ended with Olivia Calas and Alex Jusi dancing with mannequin heads placed on top of their own heads, creating a hilariously strange effect. The duo brought the show to a close with the audiences smiling and laughing. Finally, for the finale, all of the performers ran on to the warmly lit stage to rounds of applause, cheers and whistles.  

Senior Lincoln Skoien performed as a member of Soundscape and Men’s A Cappella and, in addition, he performed “Not Over You” with Pranit Cheikycharla. Skoien credits the kindness of everyone participating in the Variety Show for why he enjoys participating as well.

“It’s a good atmosphere backstage,” Skoien said. “Everyone is rooting you on and it’s just a really nice community feeling. Everyone’s on the same page, everyone is trying to put on a good show and everyone is supporting everyone else so it’s a lot of fun.”

English teacher Theodhora Koller, one of the directors of the Variety Show, explains how the diversity of performances prompted the overall success of the show.

“There’s so many different kids that are involved. There’s kids from every part of the school: dance groups, different acapella groups, instrumental groups,” Koller said. “Kids from all walks of life get to try out for Variety Show and be a part of it. That’s what makes it really enjoyable for everyone.”