Writers Week showcases student creativity

Angela Ma, Staff Writer

Writers Week XXIV concluded on a powerful note after the dedicated contributions of Fremd High School’s students, invited guest speakers and faculty members. Thanks to everyone’s efforts to make this week an exciting experience for all, Writers Week 2018 went by smoothly and successfully.

Fremd’s talented student writers read their original pieces on Feb. 6, Feb. 7 and Feb. 8 in the Kolze Auditorium, showcasing their incredible writing skills in front of the student body. Some of these students share their thoughts and explain why being a part of Writers Week is special to them.

Swapnika Duvvuru, a freshman who presented a poem on Feb. 8 during first period, talks about the welcoming environment of Writers Week.

“I’ve always liked to express my ideas, and I thought it would be cool to go on stage and perform a piece that matters to me. It’s a new experience, and there was nothing to lose. The audience was really nice and was more friendly than I expected. People were enthusiastic to listen, and I couldn’t completely see the crowd, so this reduced some of my fears and made me more comfortable,” Duvvuru said. “Next year, if I have something that I want to present, then I would perform again. Personally, I felt that being in the audience was a super relaxing experience, so that was just as enjoyable as being on stage.”

It takes courage to try something that has never been done before, and for many of the students who presented for the first time at Writers Week this year, it proved to be a significant part of their academic lives.

Sophomore Anmol Desai presented an inspirational memoir during seventh period on Feb. 6. This was her first time speaking on stage at Writers Week, but she loved the experience and encourages students to present in the future.

“I really enjoyed seeing the presenters last year, although I did not participate in Writers Week myself until this year. The presenting experience was fun overall, but it was a bit nerve-racking before I got on stage,” Desai said. “For those who aren’t sure about whether or not they want to participate in Writers Week next year, I would tell them to just ‘do it’ because it is always great to try something new, and you can get a lot out of it.”

Paige Dirkes-Jacks, a senior who performed a song during eighth period on Feb. 7, is extremely thankful for the opportunities Writers Week provides. Dirkes-Jacks has presented at Writers Week since her freshman year, and she hopes that future Fremd students will enjoy this school tradition as much as she did.

“One of my favorite parts about Fremd is Writers Week, and it is a privilege for students at Fremd to have the opportunity to participate in this event. Writers Week allows students to express themselves. There is a wonderful and supportive environment, and I think it is very rewarding to perform,” Dirkes-Jacks said.

Overall, Writers Week gives students a chance to share creative writing that is both meaningful and unique. Many students wrote about important moments that helped them learn life lessons or grow as individuals. Whether it was presenting on stage or listening in the audience, Writers Week was a memorable event.

“This year, I wrote a song about learning how to move on from loss. During the process, I discovered that changes are positive factors, and performing my song gave me confidence for college and the future,” Dirkes-Jacks said. “I was nervous at first, but my friends are always so supportive. I would definitely encourage students to do it because Writers Week is just so amazing.”