Girls gymnastics looks to continue a winning tradition


Logue graphic by James Feng

Brad Posdal, Staff Writer

Girls gymnastics has long been Fremd’s most victorious sport. In 29 years of IHSA interscholastic athletic competition, there have been 17 individual seasons in which Fremd either won or was the runner-up to the state title. This feat is unmatched by all other IHSA competitors. Within this context, it is obvious that Fremd’s seemingly annual award ceremonies for girls gymnastics is not a recent feature—but a succession of success.

The team’s dynasty status is not solely based on their storied past. In fact, last year Fremd placed third in state for the third year in a row at the Illinois High School Association state tournament. This year Fremd looks to continue and expand upon its legacy.

When it comes to dynasties, the question is always why: Why have the Yankees appeared in 40 out of the 107 World Series to date and won more than a quarter of them (27)? Why can’t the Patriots lose? Or, in this case, why are Fremd girls so successful at gymnastics?

Gymnasts point to the team’s culture as having been key to Fremd’s sustained success.

Junior gymnast Megan Flynn qualifies this feature and its effect on the team’s success.

“I think the gymnastics team is really unique because we’re like a family and all really supportive of each other.” Flynn said. “This makes our team better because we all cheer for each other and that helps a lot especially during competitions!

This sense of community transcends gender boundaries as well, with boys cheering on the girls at their practices and vice versa. The closeness of the larger gymnastics team may contribute to Fremd’s ongoing success.

Junior boys gymnast Eric Barnd hints that spiritedness of the team’s culture isn’t purely a natural occurrence, but actually a relatively purposeful approach.

“The team’s strategy in my opinion is to first go out and have fun this season and second to have the best and loudest cheers,” Barnd said.

For this upcoming season, girls gymnastics does not look to radically shift in theory, but only to build on previous success with the tried and true method of team spirit.

“Not a lot has changed, we still continue to work as a team and cheer each other on, like the past years!” Flynn said.

Fremd girls gymnastics’ first meet will be at home on Dec. 2 against Carmel High School.