Palatine plans for new paintball arena

Sunha Cho and Sunju Cho

A Bensenville-based paintball company’s plan to open an indoor facility in Palatine was approved by the Palatine Village Council on Feb. 2. An outdoor course will also open if it passes a sound-proof test this summer. O’Hare Paintball will move into the building at 519 S. Consumers Ave, a building that once housed bowling lanes and arcade machines under previous owners.

Senior Eric An thinks the new paintball arena would be convenient and exciting.

“Palatine does not have many locations for activities,” An said. “Having a paintball place nearby would be enjoyable and a nice entertainment to have.”

The village council is concerned about an outdoor course that will open only during summer. The council believes the noise will disturb the neighbors nearby.

Freshman Gretchen Coleman mentions that the sound-proof tests are definitely necessary.

“The testing would probably bother the neighbors a lot, but it would be beneficial in the end to see if an outdoor course would be too noisy,” Coleman said. “I think that they would appreciate it in the end.”

The owner of O’Hare Paintball, Jeffrey Congine Sr., believes the noise is not as loud as people think it is and is confident that the business will pass the test. The company will also set up the outdoor course with nets so that no damage is done.

Coleman expresses is enthusiastic about the new paintball park.

“I would want a big course with a lot of hiding places to make it more exciting, a lot of protective gear to stay safe,” Coleman said. “It would probably be nice to have an area for eating and hanging out too.”