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Please compile the following information into a cohesive, well-written article about the Fremd blood drive. Your article should be typed as a Word document and no less than 250 words. Upon completion, email your Word document to [email protected] with the subject as APPLICATION.

  • The blood drive is taking place in the main gym from 7 in the morning to 2:45 on Thursday, March 22.
  • Ellen Plotkin, a representative from LifeSource, the organization that collects the blood was interviewed and said:
  • Students must be 17 or older, weigh over 110 lbs., not have medical conditions, and not take medication to donate.
  • Students who have gotten a tattoo or self-piercing in the past year can’t donate.
  • “You’ll get a great feeling of knowing that every unit of blood helps to save three lives. As long as you eat a healthy meal and drink lots of fluids, there should be no problems. We encourage students to take that extra step and challenge themselves to face their fears.”
  • Maritess Sumolong is one student council co-chair in charge of the drive. She said:
  • “The rules are simple, and donating is easy. We hope students will take advantage of this opportunity to help others in need of their donations.”
  • The advisor of student council Andrea Monahan said:
  • “We sent out letters to all the teachers, and so far we’ve had overwhelming support; we’re pleased.”
  • Student council vice –president Jackie Chatel said:
  • “Through this year’s blood drive, we would like to see 145 donors”
  • There was an orientation held for the blood drive last Tuesday for juniors and seniors. Plotkin attended to explain the rules and answer questions. Students were given a permission slip that they need to get signed by a parent.
  • Last year, Student council received over 135 pints of blood.
  • The procedure goes as follows:
  • Students hand in their permission slips.
  • Have their blood pressure, weight, temperature, iron count, and medical history checked.
  • LifeSource then collects one pint of blood from the student, it takes 5-7 minutes.
  • The student is given refreshments and allowed to rest and recover.
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