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Along with completing the prompt below, please complete this  APPLICATION .

This is the section that probably has the most variety in the paper. Feature writers work with their editors to come up with new and appealing topics that range from the prevalence of student drug use to the most popular spring break vacations.

More creative leeway is allowed in features. However, while feature writers can stray from the more rigid news style, writers must still follow some of the basic news guidelines. Make sure to address the 5 W’s and H: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Some direction for your writing sample:

  • Don’t try to use every quote. Choose the strongest quotes.
  • Make sure to accurately quote your source.
  • Spell names and titles correctly.
  • Write good transitions between paragraphs, quotes and different ideas.
  • Don’t forget to make an effort to interest your reader!
  • Stick to the fictional info provided here.
  • Length: 300 words
  • Email your completed Word document to [email protected]  Type APPLICATION in the subject of your email.

Please complete either the following prompt OR choose a current topic of your choice. Writers of The Viking Logue write about what interests them, and the best way for us to assess your writing skills is for you to write about what you are comfortable with.


Write a fictional feature article on the falling number of teen smokers. The focus of the article should be on the reasons behind the decline, especially in the Fremd community. Develop an article that flows smoothly and integrates SOME, NOT ALL, of the following quotes and statistics:

Percentage of students per Fremd class who smoke:

1980:   Freshman 18%            Sophomore 25%         Junior 33%      Senior 40%

2003:   Freshman   9%            Sophomore 13%         Junior 17%      Senior 22%

(These are fictional numbers.)

The details:

A survey of 500 students was taken last month that indicates a decline in teen smoking; the survey was just released yesterday. It was conducted by the Fremd counselors.

Junior Joe Schmo – “I stopped smoking because it just got so expensive.”

Senior Cathy Collins – “Smoking is so disgusting. It will leave you with bad breath and yellow teeth.”

Anonymous junior – “I still smoke and that’s my business. I don’t care what all those health people say, but I do what I want.”

Hall monitor Sue Smith, a smoker of 22 years – “I started smoking my freshman year of high school. It’s a horrible habit and I really want to stress to kids that it isn’t easy to stop. I wish I had known the dangers of smoking before I began.”

School nurse Betty White – “The carcinogens in cigarette smoke can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and cancer later in life. Teens today are much more aware of health problems associated with smoking. Years ago, we just weren’t informed enough.”

Counselor Mark Morris – “When we began the survey, we were expecting that a lot of students were smokers. We’re pleasantly surprised that students have learned that smoking is an unhealthy habit. We’re hoping to conduct this survey every two years to track the progress of the school’s anti-smoking campaign.”

Last, but not least, if you have any ideas for upcoming issues, we’d love to hear them. Make sure to add them to the end of your article. Also, feel free to get help from editors or the advisers if you need it!



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Features Prompt