ID scanning: Safe or silly?

ID scanning: Safe or silly?

Nitya Borra, Contributing Writer

Every morning, we’ve all seen it. The long lines of annoyed, sleep-deprived students waiting for their turn to get their ID scanned in order to enter Fremd. With everyone trying to get into the building as fast as they can, the entrance is bombarded with students from all grade levels. Many students believe that the process of making sure every student is scanned is too time-consuming to be a daily routine, not to mention the even longer holdup for the lines of students who forgot their ID and need to scan their unique Infinite Campus barcode instead. However, safety systems like ID scanning are essential in order to assure the safety of students at Fremd throughout the day.

By scanning your ID, staff members are able to recognize you as a Fremd student and eliminate the threat of others entering. Through this process, Fremd can make sure that intruders don’t enter, which limits suspicious activity, prevents the need of a soft or hard lockdown and keeps students in a safe environment throughout the school day. 

Even though ID scanning works to keep everyone safe, it can still be annoying, especially before 7:30 AM. However, there are many easy ways to make the process go back quickly and efficiently. Recognize that entering Fremd at 7:29 AM in the morning is going to keep you stuck in a long line much longer than if you arrived at 7:15 AM or earlier. If you take the bus to school and arrive early every day, you will notice that the ID scanning process goes by quite smoothly. Finding a time where the student rush hour isn’t as intense will help you avoid the dreadful extra minutes of waiting.

Additionally, if you find yourself arriving later than expected, make sure to keep your ID out in hand and ready to be scanned to minimize the extra seconds it takes you to enter the building and go to class before the bell rings. If you are running late, it is tempting to push through the crowd of students to enter. But, it’s important to avoid cutting people who are in front of you. The less conflict that occurs, the faster the process will move. If you notice that you forgot your ID or if you can’t find it, quickly switch lines and wait in the Infinite Campus line so other students can get in faster and you can skip the time it will take for you to search your whole backpack. 

Safety has been a recurring concern recently, due to the increase in gun violence throughout the country. School safety measures such as ID scanning, are essential to minimizing the chances of encountering these unsafe behaviors. Although ID scanning every morning seems like a waste of time and energy, it’s just an extra couple minutes, maybe seconds, of your time that will assist in maintaining an organized, monitored, and safe learning environment.