New releases set to impress any reader

Emily Schulz, Contributing Writer

As school starts up again and students begin their search for an independent reading book or a quick study break, these exciting new books should appeal to any taste.

“The Rule of Thoughts” by James Dashner

From the bestselling author of “The Rule of Thoughts,” James Dashner continues his new series, “The Mortality Doctrine.” Dashner dares to test the line between what is real and what is not when the world has adapted a fully immersive online video game where the gamers can experience the virtual world as if they are really there. When Michael, one of the best hackers in the game, is asked to find a rogue gamer, he discovers the possibilities of what one can do with infinite virtual freedom, including effecting people outside of the game. Michael has found the rogue gamer, but in return, his entire existence is being questioned and the reader is forced to ask, “What is real and what is not?”

“The Marshmallow Test” by Walter Mischel

As the world’s leading expert on self-control, clinical psychologist Walter Mischel reveals his secrets to better SAT scores, healthier living and a brighter future. His years of research on cognitive functioning are brought together to illuminate the possibilities of who humans can shape themselves to be. His conversational style and amusing anecdotes will be enjoyable to any reader. Including studies compiled at Stanford, Harvard and Columbia, “The Marshmallow Test” promises enlightenment about how discipline can affect weight loss, retirement funds, social skills, self-worth and if people are capable of changing for the better.

“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler

The love child of Second City and the Upright Citizens’ Brigade, “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler tickled the funny bones of millions and will debut her writing skills in her upcoming autobiography. Much like her SNL co-star’s memoir, Tina Fey’s “Bossypants,” Poehler promises an insight deeper than what fans have already seen on TV. Readers get an insider’s view of the comedian, actress and mother and the thoughts, stories and ideas that make up her life.

“The Bone Clocks: A Novel” by David Mitchell

David Mitchell’s novel centers on fifteen-year-old Holly Skyes who, through her connection to psychic realms, has become prey to other mystics endangering those she loves. Other characters—a Cambridge scholar, conflicted father, middle-age writer—are affected by this mystery that bonds one human being to another. This acclaimed adult novel is worthy to be put on any young adult fiction frequented shelf. In this iconic world of fiction Mitchell has created in past books like “Cloud Atlas,” he leaves readers another book to change their perspectives.