Writers Week XXIV brings new faces to a Fremd tradition

Kellie Liu, Staff writer

Writers Week is a Fremd High School tradition that began in 1995, where students, faculty, and professional writers from all over the country present their writing. Held this year from Feb. 5 through 9, Fremd High School is excited for the diversity among the 2018 presenters that were invited to speak.


English teacher Russ Anderson, one of the sponsors of Writers Week, tells us that a few of the popular presenters from last year will make a reappearance this year.


“Kevin Andrew Prchal is a local musician, and this will be his third year at Writers Week,” Anderson said. “This time he’s coming with his wife and a bass player, so it will be more of a full band experience, which we are all excited about. AJ Pine is an author who used to be an English teacher here at Fremd, and this is her 4th time presenting at Writers Week. However, most of our presenters this year will be new.”


When it comes to selecting and recruiting performers, Anderson stresses what they are look for; they want every student to be able to find something within the week that they can enjoy.


“What we are always mindful of is that we want writers from all sorts of different genres; we try to get some musicians, some poets, some young adult authors, some adult authors, some fiction and some nonfiction,” Anderson said. “So if a student really enjoys poetry, we hope that there is something that they can really latch on to and can enjoy.”


Writers Week always brings along a host of excitement for everyone. Students and faculty get to relax and enjoy a variety of presentations during the week. Anderson shares what he is most excited for this year.


“I tend to get fan-girly with the professional authors. But, what always seems to be the most memorable moments of the week are the student presenter periods. We have such a talented and honest group of writers here at school,” Anderson said. “I just get excited because we can celebrate not only the quality of the writing, but also the idea of people, in our sameness and in our differences as people and humanity as a whole. It’s really a moment where we hold each other up.”


Out of the numerous presenters that are coming, Anderson expresses who he thinks the students here at Fremd will enjoy the most this year.


“Regie Gibson, an extremely dynamic presenter, is a former individual national poetry slam champion. His presentation, whether you enjoy poetry or not, is always one that students are drawn to. Authors who have just been debuted on the New York Times’ Bestseller List include Samira Ahmed, Nick Stone, Jeff Zentner. I know that the students would love to listen to them. Beyond Regie, there is a lot to look forward to this year.”


For more information about Writer’s Week visit their website: https://writersweekfhs.com/