Justice League in a nutshell


Photo courtesy of Vimeo

Ben Calhoun, Contributing Writer

Today the story of a superhero is all the rage. Superheroes have flooded movies, TV, and video games and most people don’t go a single day without hearing someone talk about something superhero related. With the success of Marvel becoming larger each day, D.C. is frantically trying to keep up with them and deliver a movie that will bring them up Marvel’s level. Justice League makes an attempt, but sadly falls flat on it’s attempt to do this. With a rushed running time, two directors, but great action sequences, Justice League is an average superhero film.

The main problem with the movie was that it was rushed. Directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon originally planned for the movie to be around two hours and forty five minutes, but Warner Bros wanted them to make it under two hours. As a result many key parts of the movie, such as the introductions to the new characters, felt very rushed. Another problem that I had with the movie was that the villain, Steppenwolf, didn’t appear threatening at all. The movie attempted to make him this god like being who wanted nothing more than Earth’s destruction. However, the only function he served was to be big, scary, and show up for a cool fight scene every once in awhile. I didn’t find him very threatening and therefore did not take him seriously. Additionally, the movie lacks a focus on the three new members to the D.C. Universe: Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. There were still some great scenes with all three of these characters, but it seemed like the main focus was still very much on Batman and Wonder Woman. The team could have shown more chemistry as well. There were not many scenes where the whole team had conversations that showed their relationships with each other. Some of these issues may be due to the fact that the movie had two separate directors. Originally, Zack Snyder planned to direct the whole movie himself; however, when his daughter tragically committed suicide, he simply was unable to finish. That was when Joss Whedon took over, and it must have been difficult for him to piece together an unfinished film with someone else’s vision with his own.

While it delivered on its promise to unite the Justice League and see D.C.’s heroes stand together and fight, Justice League is an average movie. While its action scenes rival that of even Marvel’s, the film is dampened by a shortened running time, two separate directors, and an underwhelming villain.


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