“Check out” the new Fremd library

Hannah Lin and Jiyoon Hwang

The entrance has been moved so that it aligns with the center of the library and the science hallway.
The circulation desk is in the middle of the library.
The cafeteria crew now has a designated space with counters and refrigerators in the library to sell cold food items. However, like before, no hot food is allowed.
On the right side of the library, the fireplace, one of the highly anticipated new features, contains a 3-D illusion; the flames are created with mirrors. Although it does not emit heat, students can still hear the crackle of the fire. “Since most of the school year is cold, rainy, and snowy, the fireplace will add an element of warmth and relaxation for our students,” DiModica said.
In a survey given to students by Mrs. DiModica, almost all of them said they wanted the books to stay in the remodeled library. The main room houses the fiction and nonfiction collections, and the literature collection is behind the circulation desk.
A new professional development collaboration room for teachers will hold meetings and workshops throughout the year.
The tutoring center, on the front right side of the library, now has its own designated room. Larger than before, it has five computers available for student use.
The technology center has a new helpdesk area for students.
Numerous tables of all sizes for students working alone or in a group are placed throughout the library. Students have many options for seating in the main part of the library- study carrels, couches, and high and low group work tables. Behind the circulation desk, there are smaller group work tables and two long, cafe-style work station desks which will have outlets for students to charge their devices.
The old carpet has been replaced with planks in a herringbone pattern, a contrast from the carpet squares around the rest of the school. Additionally, the lighting has been updated to make the library brighter. The old columns have been framed with wood and stone to make them more decorative. Some of the former furniture is still in use in the library classroom, but the main library space has all new furniture, with a dark cherry color to match the circulation desk.

Photographs courtesy of Emmanuel Sinamban