Bears rebound against Steelers after disappointing start

Pavan Pandurangi, Sports Contributor

The Bears’ 2016 NFL season was one of the worst performances by any Bears team. They ended their appalling season with a record of 3-13, which  was the second-worst showing in the franchise’s history, only being topped by the 1969 team that ended their season with a record of 1-13. The start of the new season brought a glimmer of hope to Chicago fans, as the Bears released their quarterback, Jay Cutler. This season, Mike Glennon, an ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers player, took his spot. Another quarterback that was drafted along with Glennon: Mitchell Trubisky. With this new hope, the Bears started their season.

The Bears first game with the Atlanta Falcons was seen as a major mishap by many. With their nine drives, the Bears scored 17 points to the Falcons’ 23 points. The Falcons moved the ball skillfully, gaining 372 yards, while the Bears fell short, gaining 301 yards. Not only that, but the Bears only had an average gain of 4.8 yards per play (ypp). Comparatively, the Falcons gained 6.8 ypp. The Bears had an opportunity in the last quarter of the game but choked during this final drive, unable to convert four downs. The Bears landed on the Falcons’ six yard line. They wasted their chances, throwing four incomplete passes in a row, leading to their first game loss.

Their second game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proved to be another difficult game for the Bears. Their inability to convert third down plays throughout the second and third quarter guaranteed them a loss. The Buccaneers’ defense held up against Chicago’s offense, leading to the Bears’ loss. The Bears’ running backs only managed to gain 20 yards against the Buccaneers, who gained 117 yards. The final score was 7-29. Their record was starting to replicate their last season’s performance.

The Bears’ most recent game against the Steelers demonstrated their improvement from the previous season. The Bears took an early lead in the first quarter, scoring a touchdown after a fumble recovery. The second quarter was home to 17 more points: ten for Pittsburgh and seven for Chicago. The Steelers scored ten more points in the second half, tying the game, sending it to overtime. The fourth quarter proved crucial, as the Bears offense was not converting downs. The Bears defense held their ground, keeping them in the game. Jordan Howard, running back, won the game for the Bears, scoring a touchdown on a 19 yard run.

This victory set the Bears on a positive track, and Chicago fans exploded on Twitter and Instagram, creating hashtags about the Bears chances at making it to the playoffs this season.

The season is turning around as the Bears have pulled off their first victory of the season. Bears fans are hoping for this trend to continue throughout the campaign, while Green Bay fans are hoping the opposite, as the Packers will be playing the Bears this week on Thursday Night Football at 7:25 p.m at Lambeau Field.