Robo Battles recap: Season One


The challengers of the first annual Robo Battles

Jack McGinn, Guest Writer

Guide to Robo-Battles

Robo-Battles is a game in which two people have a remote control fighting robot for each of them. The winner is the one to knockout the other robot. A battle is decided by the first one to win two out of three matches.

Robo-Battle tournament in Fehlberg’s classroom

In Mr. Fehlberg’s LLS classroom (room 170) recently there was a three-week-long Robo-Battle tournament that I had the pleasure of announcing. There was one round was done every Friday. The days were Feb. 17, Feb. 24 and March 3. The contestants were our first-ranked, once undefeated champion, Mrs. Winters, our second-ranked Ken Takou, our third-ranked Mr. Fehlberg, our fourth-ranked Max Utendorf, our fifth-ranked Max Li, our sixth-ranked, newest student of our class, Daniel Rau, our seventh-ranked Gannon McManus, and our eighth-ranked, newest member of our class, Mr. Barnd. They were decided by a seeding tournament done a few weeks beforehand. Here are summaries of how the battles went.

Summary of Quarterfinal Round

The first battle was between second ranked Ken Takou and seventh ranked Gannon McManus (representing Mrs. Kirby’s sophomore/junior LLS class.) In spite of McManus’s great efforts, he was unable to overcome Takou’s skill and he ultimately lost. The second battle was the ultimate upset between first-ranked, once undefeated champion Mrs. Winters, and eighth-ranked newest member of our class, Mr. Barnd. Incredibly, Barnd won possibly due to Winters’s robot not working. Our third battle caused a bit of confusion as our fifth-ranked Max Li almost didn’t show up in time for his battle with our fourth-ranked Max Utendorf, even though he was clearly present in the coliseum. Although he did eventually show up thanks to the entire coliseum chanting his name, he didn’t quite win. Our last battle was between third-ranked Mr. Fehlberg and sixth-ranked newest student, Daniel Rau. Rau’s confidence from not ever losing a match before it was not enough to stop his defeat to Fehlberg.

Summary of Semifinal Round
The first battle of the Semi Finals was between eighth-ranked newest member of our class, Mr. Barnd, and fourth-ranked Max Utendorf. Though Barnd was still riding on the upset against Mrs. Winters from the week before, it was not enough to stop Utendorf from taking a narrow win. The other battle was between second-ranked Ken Takou and third-ranked Mr. Fehlberg. It was a clash between skill and experience, but in the end Takou pulled through and won.

Summary of Bronze Match and Final Round
The last round had music playing in the coliseum. A full 10 spectators were in the room. I had the Robo-Battles on the screen as well. The Bronze Match was between eighth-ranked, newest member of our class, Mr. Barnd, and third-ranked Mr. Fehlberg. Though Barnd had a good strategy that he had specially coordinated for the battle against Fehlberg, it proved ineffective against him, and he lost the battle. The final round was best three out of five matches between fourth-ranked Max Utendorf and second-ranked Ken Takou. Utendorf started off well by winning two matches in a row. Everyone thought it was over for Takou, but then he came back and won two matches in a row as well. It was down to a deciding match, and, though very close, Utendorf won it in an upset, making him the greatest Robo-Battler of season 1.

“I had a ton of fun,” Mr. Fehlberg said. “I love Robo-Battles. I like the like energy inside the room, and I particularly appreciate all the effort you put into organizing such a fun event.”


When asked how he felt after being the champion of season one, Utendorf’s answer was brief but powerful.


“Pretty good,” Utendorf said.


When will the next Robo-Battles tournament be?
The next time we do a Robo-Battles tournament is currently happening and started Friday, the week after Spring Break.